20 Memes Every Beauty Addict Can Relate To

'Your eyebrow lady can ruin your life faster than any man can.'
by Ira Nopuente

To all the girls who get kilig over new makeup, can't leave the house without kilay, or are willing to eat budget meals daily just to buy a pricey brightening serum, this post is especially dedicated to you!

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1. It's a constant battle between being financially wise and staying ~*pretty*~.

2. When you can't help but be extra:

3. Skincare is a high priority.

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4. "I am an adult and I make good decisions." - repeat until convinced.

5. Here's a valid reason why you spend thousands on bottles of toners and serums:

6. Romance < Flawless skin

7. Or love life vs. makeup on fleek

8. You are aware that no two lipsticks are made the same. 

9. Seriously, it's a different lippie!

10. This perfectly explains every Pinay's struggle with our country's tropical climate.

11. But believe it or not, hot weather has perks!

12. Real life horror story:

13. Again, ugly kilay is heartbreaking AF.

14. Eyebrows are serious business, you guys.

15. A shout-out to all the hair ties and bobby pins you've lost since high school.

16. You always want more.

17. Because makeup is an #ART.

18. Also, it's your face, your choice.

19. And wearing makeup is never about getting a boy's attention.

20. Because you're doing it for YOURSELF.

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