Throw A Pampering Party With Your Pals

Stressed? Have a day of bonding and beauty bliss with your barkada--AT HOME--by getting Celebrity Nails' home service.
by Happy Lopez

Pretty Party Package
Thinking of a fun way to bond with your best friends? Or wanting to hold a different kind of birthday or bachelorette party? Instead of going through the hassles of arranging for a venue or converging at a salon or spa, why not book Celebrity Nails, a mobile home service that offers nail and body spa treatments?

Celebrity Nails brings everything to your doorstep--and we mean THE WORKS: mani-pedi set, towels, tub, water heater, even scrubs and aromatherapy candles--for that authentic spa feel and ambiance in your own home. Celebrity Nails offers several nail spa packages that you and your friends will surely enjoy. We recommend their best-selling signature service: the Lavender Hotnails Series that starts with a manicure, followed by a relaxing lavender foot scrub, and ends with a posh pedicure.

Manicure Bliss
Whether you all want to sit back and rest or share your latest tsismis non-stop, you'll still feel the pampering pleasure that begins with a basic manicure: cut, clean and buff. Before painting your nails with the latest and trendiest shades and polish brands, your hands are treated to a short but relaxing massage with a creamy smooth lotion.

Pampered Princesses
You and your girls need a break from wearing those killer heels and tiring daily commute. You’ll love the foot scrub and pedicure combo that comes right after your manicure. Just the scent of the lavender scrub will leave you calm and rested. The scrub helps exfoliate skin, removing dead skin cells to leave it softer and smoother. Then the attendant will help ease all your tension with a foot massage that’s sure to let you unwind and loosen up.

Your feet will be prettified further when your nails are cleaned, buffed, and painted with your preferred polish. It’s the perfect prize after a stressful week at work, right? Plus experiencing this with your BFFs as you catch up makes it even more worthwhile.

Perfect Price
The Lavender Hotnails Series costs P650 per person. It's budget-friendly for the whole barkada and worth your money--imagine getting three services for the price of one. It’s a super-pasok-sa-budget pampering package for you and your girls.

They also offer other spa party packages that have more inclusions (treatments, setup, and even food).

Where To Book
For appointments and bookings, you can call the following branches depending on your area: Makati area, 401-7789; Mandaluyong area, 996-4820, 357-1681; Katipunan/Quezon City/Marikina, 703-7052, 494-0762; Alabang, 514-7066.

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