Do You Have A Mean-Girl Streak?
Cosmo chicks like you could get wicked now and then, but could you be giving in to your bad girl side too often? Find out.
Posted on September 11, 2009
  • 1.
    Ever wind up flirting with your friends' boyfriends?
  • 2.
    How often do you play hooky from work?
  • 3.
    The naughtiest move you made on a first date was:
  • 4.
    You're in a packed bar and spot a wallet on the floor. You:
  • 5.
    It's a company party, you've had a few drinks, and your hot new boss is lookin' good. You:
  • 6.
    Fill in the blank: Rules are made to be ________.
  • 7.
    How often do you say "Bahala na!" and overindulge in desserts or ring up a mega clothing bill?
  • 8.
    During a vacation, you're tempted to hook up with a stud you meet, even though you're kinda seeing someone. You:
  • 9.
    The first words people would use to describe you are:
  • 10.
    A pal emails you about her crazy weekend. Your response:
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