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Author Topic: erotic true tales, meron kayo?  (Read 3760820 times)


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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2520 on: May 19, 2007, 03:08:32 PM »

Part Twenty-two


I knew I was risking a lot when I followed Jessica to the kitchen after lunch. But it's difficult to do what my mind tells me to when my heart is telling me another. I missed her so much. And I know she still had question about what happened nearly a week ago. But I can't tell her. I just can't.

After we finished washing the dishes, and stealing kisses from each other, we went back to the living room where Nick, Joe and Ashley were watching a movie. Tina went to the supermarket to buy extra food for dinner and some chips to tide our appetite over before that. We watched an old movie and I didn't really paid attention. I was busy thinking up ways to get out of dinner tonight. I don't wanna stay another second under Tina's eyes.

In the middle of the movie I sneaked out and to go to the bathroom. They had three bathrooms. One in the master's bedroom, which I have never used in my whole life. The other was in the second floor for the kids to use. Jessica had to share it with her siblings and sometimes she gets annoyed. The last was in the first floor. It was in this small corner under the stairs. I was surprised when, as I entered the bathroom, someone pushed me inside.

"Hey!" I turned around just in time to see Nick lock the door behind him. "What are you doing?" He looked at me and smiled wickedly.

"I missed you, Alex." What?

"Look, Nick. Just get outta here, okay?" He shook his head no.

"Fine. Then I'm getting out." He walked towards me. The bathroom was really small. It only had a toilet bowl and a sink. It didn't even have a shower. In mere seconds, he had me pushed up against the sink.

"Ever since Jessica and I started going out, I noticed you watching me. You like me, Alex, don't you? And what happened in that hotel room was definitely what we needed."

"Are you psycho? Jess is in the living room with her family!" My breathing grew heavy when I felt his large hands stroking my thighs through the fabric of my dress.

"Then we have to be very quiet, won't we?" That's all he said before he leaned closer to kiss me. His tongue entered my mouth fully and I didn't resist him. I couldn't resist him. I wrapped my arms around him to draw him closer to me. I felt his hands touch me under my skirt and sliding my panties down my thighs. I kicked my panties out of the way. And he cupped my buttocks and lifted me so I was sitting on the sink. As I kissed him hungrily, I fumbled with the zipper of his jeans.

He kneaded my breasts and rubbed my nipples. I could feel my p**** getting wet and ready for him. Finally, I pulled his pants and boxer briefs down. His large throbbing penis entered me forcefully. He drove in and out of me. I slid my hands under his shirt and raked my fingernails on his back.

"DO you like this?" He asked me, his voice husky.


"How much do you want my d**k inside you?" I moaned.

"A… lot…" He kissed me again and my nails dug deeper into his skin. He groaned. I could feel him growing thicker and harder inside me. I knew he was gonna come soon. But I didn't want it to end.

"Nick… not yet…" He slid his finger in my p**** as he was f****** me and rubbed my clit. I exploded a thousand times.

"That was amazing." He was zipping his pants.

I didn't know what to say. I bent to look for my panties. I found it in a corner and I slid it up my thighs. I didn't know what just happened. I am such a whore.

"Thanks," he told me before he stepped out of the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror for a second to see if I looked like I just had hot terrific sex in the bathroom with my best friend's boyfriend. I did. I shrugged and got out of the bathroom. I saw Ashley looking at me, her eyes wide with disbelief.

"Ash!" She turned around and left me standing there. How long has she been standing there? Did she see Nick get out of the room? God! What have I done now?


Alex walked in the living room and saw Jessica sitting on the couch. Ashley was whispering something to her. Alex knew exactly what it was. Nick had his arm around Jessica's shoulder but he winked when he saw Alex enter.

"NO!" Jessica cried out, looking at Ashley as if her sister was crazy. She stood up and faced Alex who was already white.

"Jess, baby--" Nick started. Joe sat up and looked at her daughter. He wasn't used to her acting like this.

"Is something wrong, Jessica?" But Jessica didn't even look at them. Her eyes were fixed on Alex's.

"Did you !@#? my boyfriend in the bathroom?"

"I won't allow you using that word, did you hear me, Jessica?" Joe started.

"Did you?"

Alex knew she had to tell her the truth. "Yes, I did."

"How could you?"

Alex walked over to her. "Jess, listen to me--"

"No! You said you loved me! You said it over and over in the kitchen--" Nick stood up just then. What's going on?

"Alex! You told me you loved me."

"I do. I do love you, Jess."

"Then why did you !@#? him?"

"I don't know…"

"You know I love you, Alex. You know that. Ever since we kissed--" Kissed? Joe and Nick stared at each other. They didn't know what's going on. "-- and when we made love in my room--" Nick's face reddened. His girlfriend was a lesbian!

"I knew I loved you, Alex. I've loved you for so long…" Alex hugged her. Just then, Tina walked in and saw Alex and Jessica hugging and crying.

"What's going on here?" she asked, dropping the bags of groceries on the floor with a thud.

"What's going on? I don't know, Tina. But it looks like your daughter and her best friend have been doing it right here in our house and we don't know a thing about it." Joe was so angry. How could this happen to his family? Tina blushed and she looked down on the floor.

"Mom knew!" Jessica answered.

"But after Alex talked to her she didn't tell you, right, Alex?" Alex was getting uncomfortable every minute. She's the only one in this room who has fucked more than one other person in this room, too.

"Jess, your mom…"

"You fucked my mom, too?" Jessica's voice was so loud that Alex covered her ears with her hands. "I don't believe this!"

"I did it for us! She said she'd tell your dad about us. And about what we did in the hotel with Nick."

"Nicholas!" It was Joe. "You've been taking advantage of my daughter?"

"Joe, wait!" But Joe, who was so mad at Alex but can't hit her because she's a girl, was so happy that at least now he could hit someone else, walked over to him and punched him in the nose.

"Dad!" Jessica yelled out and rushed to Nick.

Joe went to Tina. "You're a lesbian, too?"

Tina looked at her husband. "Let me explain--"

Alex walked over to Jessica. "Jess, please, listen to me. I'm so sorry. I really love you. I don't know what happened with Nick. He followed me in the bathroom and locked the door and…"

"You slept with my best friend!" Jessica started slapping Nick.

"I hate you!"

"Jess, please! I don't love her. It's just lust, please listen to me--" Nick explained as he tried to cover his face with his arms. But Jessica was already scratching him.

Ashley stood by the door. Her eyes went from her parents-- who were arguing furiously now, something about their sex life being boring-- to her sister-- who was on top of her boyfriend beating the !@#? out of him and Alex who was holding Jessica back, telling her to stop. She smiled. Damn! Her family's messed up pretty bad!

She better not tell her parents about her drug problem. Or maybe next Sunday. The barbecue will be fun.

The End

*At least hindi sya bitin hehe enjoy ;)


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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2521 on: May 21, 2007, 01:54:35 PM »
grabe simula nung nagj0in ak0 dit0 hanggang page 60 pa lang ak0.. whew! dami k0 pang babasahin... :D
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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2522 on: May 21, 2007, 03:00:30 PM »
hello po sa lahat!
newbie here...sana welcome ako dito.
i like dis forum!


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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2523 on: May 21, 2007, 03:02:31 PM »
^ ofcourse, welcome ka bro.  :)
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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2524 on: May 22, 2007, 01:52:30 AM »
hello po sa lahat!
newbie here...sana welcome ako dito.
i like dis forum!

Welcome licker :)
have fun time reading and keep posting :D


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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2525 on: May 22, 2007, 05:37:45 AM »
san na ung continuation ng story nila PJ stella and jenny .... bitin eh


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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2526 on: May 22, 2007, 06:10:41 AM »
The Temp

It was my first morning in this new booking. A large open-plan office, desks separated by shoulder-height screens, daylight at the edges, computers, two huge photocopiers, water coolers... and in the far corner was a cluster of four desks, one of which was to be mine for the next two weeks.

Basic audio-typing, answer the phone, take messages, all letters and reports, nothing difficult. Ordinary work.

By nine-thirty I'd got the hang of the place, knew where everything was, and I was typing busily. I'd worn my usual 'first day on a job' outfit, a very demure white shirt and grey skirt, long, with a bit of a split up the back, but nothing to show my long, tanned legs. I'd wear more revealing clothes later on, if it was acceptable. For now, I looked like a school girl, with my long wild hair wound up in a loose knot at the back of my neck, its flame-red the only colour about my outfit. Even my make-up was subtle, very ladylike.I looked around now and then, noticing the younger people. All very industrious, all rather dull looking, staring at their computer screens and working hard.

'Hello. You must be the temp.' I glanced up, a polite smile pinned onto my lips, and saw a plump, middle-aged man, quite tall, looking untidily squashed into a dark grey suit. His face was bland, the sort of pillowy plumpness that men get when they've spent all their lives in offices, doing safe boring jobs that never frighten them.

'I'm Robert, the office manager. Any problems, just let me know'. He was hearty, friendly, but I could see his eyes were expertly scanning my figure, what he could see of it.

Right, I thought. You're the one to watch, I'll bet. Dirty old man! Your big soft hands would like to be all over my firm young body, wouldn't they.

I just kept smiling politely and he went away, swaggering a bit, into his office at the far end of the floor. I typed like a demon - the work was easy - produced a respectable pile of letters by the end of the morning, and went off to the canteen to lunch, drifting along behind a gaggle of women.

I'd been a temp for long enough to know the rules of behaviour; never become too chummy with anyone, just get your head down, do your work, be pleasant but not over intimate. And at lunchtimes, stay near the women workers, but not right in with them. That way they don't think you're trying to be too friendly, nor do they think you're after the fellas. Quite a few tasty young fellas here, though, for office workers. I ate my salad and yoghurt, then read from my notebook, and added a few lines. I was working on a story, all set down in my own secret shorthand, that would have made their hair stand on end if only they'd known about it! Every office I worked in, every situation I encountered, I noted down, and wrote it into my story.

Promptly at ten to two, I returned to my desk. The rest of the office was still empty, but I wanted to be seen to be a Good Worker. Mr. Damp-Hands came through the swing doors at the far end, looked over, noticed me, and came over. I glanced once at his crotch, and had a sudden shocking urge to pull open his flies, and give him a blow job, standing right there at my desk.... I blinked and controlled myself. He had one of the letters I'd typed, in his hand.

'Er, this is very good, Miss - er - '

'Marie.' I helpfully prompted him.

'Oh, right. Marie. Yes, well, I just wanted to point out a couple of little things to you...'

He put the letter on the desk, then leant over to point out exactly what he wanted done. His big bulky chest was almost touching my shoulder, and I could smell his aftershave. Rather nice, spicy aftershave. I moved my thighs closer together as I felt myself warming up, and he paused in his talk, and one big hand just lightly brushed my shoulder before going firmly into his trouser pocket.

'So, think you can manage that okay?' he said, a little louder than necessary, and I nodded, looking up at him with my Big Innocent Eyes look. He was quite red in the face, then he straightened up and moved away - some of the lads were returning to their desks, over by the window. They looked over at me, and said nothing, but I could see their smiles. Yeh, yeh, the boss is making a play for the temp, what a surprise.

I made the amendments, ran a fresh set of copies, and took them into his office, closing the door quietly behind me. He was busy filling out forms - stationery forms, something really complicated and dull. I stood in front of his desk, which was just level with the tops of my thighs, and I could see him wanting to reach out and touch me, but he restrained himself.

'I've done the amendments. Are they correct now?' I kept my voice very submissive and little-girl high, and smiled inside at the way he was shifting in his chair. Oh, he was interested alright - it could only be a matter of time before he made a play for me.

'Right, well, if you'd leave them there, please? I'll have a look at them later.'

He was being the Big Important Man... I smiled sweetly, and smoothing my skirt down over my hips, turned and swayed gently out of there, letting him have just a hint of the shape of my firm round arse as I left his room.

That evening I left prompt at 5pm, with everyone else, but was one of the last to the lifts, and didn't fancy six flights of stairs. I waited, got in a lift with a few others, and went home, to my solitary little flat in a blandly anonymous development.

The next morning I was at work ten minutes early, worked hard all day, hardly spoke a word to anyone, and by 3pm was quite pleased to see Mr. Boss Man coming over to my corner.

'Er, Marie, isn't it. Um, I wonder if you could work a little later tonight, it's just that we have a rush job on right now, could do with some extra typing?'

I smiled demurely and agreed to stay until 6pm, but no later - 'I'll have to be off by then' was all I said. He flustered and looked worried, pleased, and excited all at once. More than one woman looked at him as he strutted back to his office, then at me, and smiled - I gave them all my Innocent look and kept typing.

5pm came, they all went, Mr. Boss Man called me into his office to show me what he wanted doing. It was a simple enough spreadsheet, but he made a big deal of it.

'I hope you can manage. Any problems, anything at all, just give me a wave, I'll come and help you'.

I bet you will, you randy old bugger, I thought, as I took the stuff back to my corner. I'd worn a tighter, shorter skirt today, and my blouse was a nice silky cream one, which could unbutton to reveal a lot of my ample breasts. I'd gone to the ladies just after 5pm, and taken off my bra, so my big, firm tits were swinging free under the thin silk of my blouse. I heard his sharp intake of breath as I walked away, and smiled... it wouldn't take long.

I kept him waiting, in the deserted office floor, for ten minutes, before I looked around, and hesitantly waved. He was there before I'd lowered my hand.

'I'm sorry to disturb you... this bit here, it doesn't seem to go right?' I indicated the screen, and he came around behind me, leaning on the arms of my chair, his head close to mine as he studied the figures.

I knew he could see a lot more of my cleavage as well, and I deliberately pushed it forward, arching my back and looking up at him, breathing in deeply his rather nice scent - aftershave and arousal, always a potent combination.

'I'm sorry, I just don't see how I can fit that in' I half-whispered, and he moved one hand, resting it heavily on my shoulder, circling around on the thin, slippery fabric as he explained the thing to me. His body was close enough to my back to touch, I could feel his warmth all down me, and I shivered with excitement.

'Are you cold? It's not very warm out here, in the general office. You could do this in my own room, you know.' he was thick-voiced with excitement, and his hand slipped ever so gently down from my shoulder, to caress my breast, his fingertips just brushing my nipple - oh !@#?, he was good at this! I leaned my head back against his arm, and half-closed my eyes, abandoning all pretence of working, and he leant down and kissed me, a hard demanding kiss that made me moan and sprawl out on the chair, his other hand stroking me from throat down to my belly, and then down further, teasing me, running up and down my thighs through my skirt...

I reached for his crotch, but he pulled away, panting, his eyes glittering in his great slab-red face.

'Oh no, not just yet.. we really do have to get this work done first.'

I had to keep typing, but he pulled up another chair and sat right behind me, his hands coming round my sides and playing with my nipples as I worked, and as he whispered in my ear, describing all the deliciously filthy things he was going to do to me. He leaned forward, breathing onto my neck, and kissed and mouthed me all around my neck and throat. Then he pulled up my skirt to get at my crotch, and worked his hand down under my tights and panties, wiggling his big fat sausage-like fingers expertly around my hot, wet crack, making me jump and moan for him again and again. But he wouldn't let me come; not until I'd done the typing, finished the wretched job, and printed it off. I had to collate and bind it all, standing at the long printing table in the middle of the office, with him looming up close behind me, running his hands across my buttocks and pulling himself close up against me.

Then he turned me around, standing so I was face to chest with him, and he pulled me close, letting me feel the huge hot swelling at his groin as he rubbed it back and forth across my stomach.

'Right, you dirty little !@#?. Now you're going to really see what a man can do when he's in charge', and with that in one smooth, practised motion he pulled my skirt up around my waist, hooked my pants and tights, and pulled them down over my knees, then loosened my blouse, and pulled it up so my tits were exposed to his greedy, urgent kisses. I could hardly stand by then, I'd been kept on the verge of coming for so long, and he had to half-carry me back to my corner desk . Carefully, he sat me on the desk, then pulled my tights and pants right off me, and helped me take off everything else. It was incredibly exciting, sitting there at a work desk, stark naked, my legs trembling as I kept my knees pressed together, watching this big powerful man as he slowly undid his flies and out sprang the most magnificent, purple-red, hard cock I'd ever seen. He took hold of my knees and parted them, pulling my thighs wide apart, running his thumbs up the insides of my thighs to meet at my hot, wet slit. He slipped them both inside, smiling evilly at me as I moaned and squirmed, then slowly, very deliberately, he leant forward, nudging his dong into position, and took his hands away. He was so huge I could hardly take him, and my tight little cunt took some time to stretch to his size; he held my hips and nudged, and pushed, and worked it in, carefully and gently, until finally I was impaled completely on his monster cock, and I could hardly breathe for excitement. Already I was quivering, ready to soar, and he just twitched inside me a few times and I was off, moaning and spreading my legs, his big hairy chest hard against my firm, silky breasts, as he jerked and thrust into me, coming with a huge volcanic explosion of cum that filled every bit of me, and oozed slowly out along the shaft of his dong, dripping onto the desktop. He shuddered and moaned as I jerked on his manhood, raking his back with my nails, and then laid back in his arms, exhausted and totally satisfied.

He softened, slipped out of me, and I sat up, suddenly aware of what we'd done; we'd fucked without once even thinking about security men, or cleaners, or the security cameras... he just chuckled when I said this.

'And who d'you think is in charge of all their duty rotas?'

He made me get dressed again, in just shoes, skirt, and blouse, putting my underclothes into my bag; I could hardly walk from the strain of taking his full strength, but he made me stand while he tidied my desk, then took my arm and helped me into his own private office, locking the door behind him.

He had a black leather sofa there, big enough for him to lie full length on; within ten minutes of him pouring us each a stiff drink from his hidden supply, he was hard again, lying on his back, fully clothed except for his open flies and that wonderful springing huge cock.

He had me take him by mouth, this time, and I sat on his chest, his fingers inside me, working around making me collapse onto him in utter pleasure, while I licked, and blew, and gently sucked his cocker, my fingers playing all the time with his huge heavy balls. He told me what to do, and I obeyed him all the way, even letting the spunk spurt onto my face and down my neck. He'd pulled my hips down so I was sitting on his face, and his tongue flickered and darted around my clit like a wet flame, getting me higher and harder than I'd ever been before.

We lay there, exhausted, my face against his groin and his hands just gently playing with my cunt, and after a while he told me to get up and get dressed again, it was time to go home. In the lift, I leaned against him, but he didn't respond, just held me upright and took me out to his big car, not even a security guard on duty at the door at that particular moment.

He drove me to my flat, hardly said a word, didn't even look at me when he stopped the car.

'See you tomorrow' was all he said, as I got out of the car, and he'd driven off before I even had my door key out.

But the next morning I had a call from the agency, just as I was examining the bruises round my nipples and wincing at the burning tenderness of my cunt.

I'd been pulled off that job, they needed me to go uptown to some even more urgent and higher-powered posting. It was just as well, I thought, that I got him to sign my time sheet last night. 
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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2527 on: May 23, 2007, 10:31:07 AM »
san na ung continuation ng story nila PJ stella and jenny .... bitin eh

hintay ko rin un sis  ;D
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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2528 on: May 23, 2007, 01:19:05 PM »
hintay ko rin un sis  ;D

kaya abang mode muna tayo sis , hehe


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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2529 on: May 23, 2007, 02:21:20 PM »
^ hay... sana maupdate na un!  ;)
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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2530 on: May 23, 2007, 03:18:20 PM »
hi. this is actually my first message.


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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2531 on: May 23, 2007, 04:13:45 PM »


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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2532 on: May 23, 2007, 10:23:03 PM »
So Hot in Pink
Kim has a fantasy, and it all pertains to pink items, but not just any pink items. She and Darnell awaken as they lay there in each other’s arms he kisses her softly as she returns the kiss to him.

“What do you want to do today baby girl?” he asks softly.

“Oh I think I want to go shopping we need some new sheets for this bed.” Kim replies.

“Ok well why don’t we get ready and we can go.”

“Are you sure want to come with me Baby?”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”

They get up get themselves together and head out the door. They work their way down to the bedding store. Darnell and Kim look over many different sets of sheets, however they just weren’t what Kim had in mind (this is only stage one to her fantasy).

“Baby I don’t like any of these, this really isn’t what I am looking for.” Kim says in her sexy little whiny tone.

“Well what do you want, to me a sheet is a sheet so tell me what your looking for and maybe we can find it.”

“Honey you might not like what I am wanting but I just have to have them, I want pink silk sheets.”

“PINK SHEETS?? What prey tell do you want pink silk sheets for? What is going through your little mind little missy?” he whispers, not wanting to draw attention throughout the store, leaning in toward him she runs her hand around the back of his head, pulling him down to her.

“Baby I have a fantasy that I haven’t yet told you about and I need the pink sheets, please baby I really need to have them.”

“Why do I have the feeling I am going to be in a whole lot of trouble here? Ok baby girl if that’s what you really want lets see if we can find them.”

Darnell and Kim walk off to find a sales person and ask her if they have just what Kim’s looking for. She brings them over to where all their silk sheets are stored. They had a few different shades of pink, (rose pink, light pink, a mauve sort of pink). Kim looks and she looks until she finally found the exact color that she wanted (they weren’t a dark pink yet they weren’t a really light pink either they were just perfectly in the middle) the perfect color pink to set off her fantasy.”

Darnell and Kim purchased the sheets and headed out. Getting into the car she just kept looking at these sheets and looking over at Darnell with a really devilish look and grin on her face.

“Damn you little girl I don’t know what’s going through your head, but some how I still think I am in a whole lot of trouble.”

Trying to change the subject, they were coming up to the dance store, she needed to get some new tights for their youngest whom was taking ballet, and she knew this would be the perfect time to get the second part of her fantasy.

“Honey pull in there please.” Kim says to Darnell as she points to the store.

“What do you need in here? Baby this is a dance store, girl what in the heck’s going on?” Darnell asks now in a slight concern.

“Honey I need to get some new tights for our Daughter and because we are right here I figured I would get them.”

“Ok Ok you can do this one by yourself I am NOT going in there.” Darnell replies as they pulled into the parking lot. Darnell parks in front of the store and suddenly he puts his face into his hand.

“Babe what’s the matter?” Kim asks quietly.

“Kim, look in that window and tell me what you see.” She looks and she instantly knows what’s wrong.

“Oh honey please don’t worry about that, that was so long ago and you were so young then it’s really no big deal.” She replies.

“I know but all I can think about every time I see one of those little tutu’s is that very embarrassing picture that my mother took of me when I was younger wearing a little pink tutu, oh my god that was so embarrassing.”

Kim was determined to get Darnell over the fact that he was so embarrassed. She wanted him to see that it was really no big deal. All mothers do some crazy things sometimes and they want some kind of memories of their children. Kim kisses Darnell quickly as she stepped out of the car. She headed into the store and picked up the tights she needed for their daughter. While she was in there she knew what she had to do; she purchased a pink tutu that she knew he would be able to wear, (she knew one of two things would happen, either he would laugh and get over his embarrassment or he would get very angry at her for doing this to him (oh how she prayed it wouldn’t be the latter of the two). She had no intention of ever wanting to make him angry with her. All she ever wants to do is help him in any way she can. Walking back to the car, she puts the bag in the back seat, as he just stared at her.

“What in god’s name did you do buy out the store?” he asks with a chuckle.

“No my silly man I just got what I needed.” She leans in toward him kissing him softly. He didn’t say anymore, he just shook his head as he drove toward home.

Before getting home she had him make one more stop to their favorite novelty shop, (Kim and Darnell had purchased all their play toys here). He pulls in to the parking lot again he just looks at her.

“Please come in with me this time baby.”

“Oh you bet your sweet ass I am going in with you, I know exactly what happens when you go into this store alone or with your girlfriends, and I will be damned if that’s going to happen again. The last time ya’ll went in here I was in some tremendously pleasurable trouble when you got a hold of me that night. I know we have been talking about upgrading our assortment of pleasure toys but I will be damned; you ARE NOT doing it without me, the last time I let you in here alone you started a whole new ball game with me.”

“I sure did didn’t I, Your sweet ass thanks me for it every time we play at night now doesn’t it.” She replies whispering in her sexy little devious tone. She runs her fingers up his inner thighs, down over his monster, over his balls rubbing her finger over his rose bud all through his jeans. His body tensed, the expression on his face changed as his ass left the seat.

“Ok baby you win let’s go.”

Taking her hand into his they walk hand in hand into the store. She knew what she wanted as they walked over to the vibrators. Although they each had their own, Kim decided she wanted a new one (yet little did he know it wasn’t for her). She picked up this really nice little slim pink jelly stick.

“Honey man, what do you think of this one?” she asks.

“Oh that is so cool looking, I bet we can have some fun with that now can’t we?”

“You bet my baby we sure can.” She replies as she smiles her again devious little smile patting him on the back of the shoulder.

They make their purchase and finally head home. Darnell comes around opening her door for her. She reaches in the back seat and takes out the packages.

“Baby girl let me take those for you.”

“No honey it’s perfectly alright I got them don’t you worry.”

Walking up to the front door, he again offers to take the bags. She again declines as they walk into the house. Taking the sheets she gets them ready to go on the bed, putting the other package in the closet until the time was right. As she’s putting the sheets on the bed, Darnell walks in behind her, wrapping his arms around her pulling her back to him, her back resting against his chest. Gently he kissed, sucked, licked and nibbled at the side of her neck, she moans softly as she settles into him.

“Are you going to be a good girl now and tell me why prey tell you are buying everything in pink, baby girl?”

“Baby I am always a good girl, you know I am your good girl, but I will tell you about my fantasy when it’s time, my fantasy has two purposes baby and everything has to be right, just be patient my baby I promise you will find out all about it tonight.”

“Yes you are my good girl, however sometimes it really scares me when you get things running through your head and I never know just what you’re going to do” he replies with a naughty giggle.

For the rest of the afternoon he tried and he tried to get her to tell him what she was planning. However it didn’t work oh he was getting very frustrated no matter what he tried, she just wouldn’t break even though through all his actions he was arousing her something fierce. She refused to give in this time, she wanted this to be perfect so she had to be strong only for a little while longer.

“That’s it baby girl I give up!!” he growls in a very sexy sort of growl, I figure when your ready to tell me then you will in the mean time I am going outside.” He had to leave the room because she wasn’t the only one who was now aroused, looking down at him as he turns to walk away she could see the massive bulge in his jeans.

Putting step two into place she puts on one of his favorite outfits she has this very skimpy, low cut, strapless pink silk teddy with matching thong that she knew he couldn’t resist on her. (So what do you think she did?) You guessed it she put it on wet down her hair (he loves her hair when its long and wet) and put on his favorite perfume that she wears and went about her business.

Darnell walks in the front door moments later, to the aroma of her perfume, he wasn’t quite sure just where she was but he knew she was damn well up to something. Walking into the kitchen there she stood, with her back to him she intentionally places her hands on the sink bending her body into his favorite L shape position, exposing her sexy ass to him. She could hear him gasp suddenly yet he didn’t say a word.


“What? What about me?” Kim replies.

“You are SOOOOOO f****** SEXY, oh my god what are you trying to do to me, I am only 26 don’t be giving me a heart attack.”

Wrapping his arms around her he pulls her back toward him, his still hardened bulging mass now resting against her ass, little by little she began to rub her ass against him.”

“Jesus Christ baby girl, you are going to have me splitting these jeans yet, if you haven’t noticed I have been in this very hard predicament since I walked out of the house.”

“Honey, would you do something for me? And before you answer me choose your words wisely”

“Anything baby, you know that, what do you want me to do” Darnell asks.

“I want daddy to play for me tonight, but only in a whole different way.”

“What are you getting at baby girl?

“I want my baby to dress up for me, that’s all a part of my fantasy baby, will you do it for me?”

Taking her hand they walk hand in hand to their bedroom. Darnell looks and what does he see? (Her pink silk sheets, the pink candles on the headboard, and their new pink toy lying on her pillow).

“Wow!!! it is so pretty in here.” Darnell whispers in her ear.

“You’re right it sure is, but I am wanting to see a sight that’s going to be HOTTTT to me if you get my meaning.”

“What I want for you to wear for me you will find in the bathroom, please baby, I want my baby to put it on for me, then I want to watch him play for me, you have no idea how much watching you play like that truly turns me on.” Just the thought of him wearing his little pink tutu and playing with his new toy in his ass while she watches him was causing her juices to begin to flow.

“Oh !@#?, you have got to be f****** kidding me, you’re not seriously going to make me put this on are you?”

“Please baby, for me?” she whines softly with a little pouty lip and the look of begging in her sexy big brown bedroom eyes.

“Oh man how do I get shnuckered into this, ok my baby if this is what you fantasize about then I will do it.” Darnell replies as he closes the door.

A few moments later as she as sits herself in the chair on the side of the bed the bathroom door opens and before her stands the sexiest man, (5’9 with Dark brown hair, the sexiest hazel eyes, the softest sexiest most wonderful smile, and the goatee that sets it all off) and the sound of his voice drew her into an instant orgasm. Oh god he was perfect, dressed in only that little pink tutu.

“My sweet baby girl you are so lucky, if it was anyone else that would have ever asked me to do this the answer would have been OH HELL NO!!! But I love you more than life itself and I would do anything for you.”

“Come here baby.” She whispers, patting her hand on the bed. Walking over to her he bends down kissing her softly. “You want to watch me play for you baby well let’s play.” He replies as he gets up onto the bed on his hands and knees, with his ass facing toward her.

Slowly she moves in behind him, placing her hands on his ass cheeks, spreading them gently, leaning into him she takes her tongue teasing at his rose bud, little by little beginning to slide it inside him, until he was relaxed enough, he moans and growl and grunts softly his ass pushing back toward her, he wanted to feel her tongue as far inside him as he possibly could. Reaching over to her pillow she takes his new toy into her hand.

“It’s time baby, are you ready?” She asks in a whisper as she hands his toy to him, sitting herself back down.

“Yeah baby I am ready.” He replies.

Turning his head to look back at her, their eyes locking onto one another he slowly slides his toy up inside his ass, his back arching, his moans now getting louder, he stops for a moment allowing his canal the time to conform to it, the look in his eyes was breath taking.

“Baby girl, help me out here, just turn it on for me and I can do the rest.”

Reaching over she turns his vibrator on for him, his body begins to rock back and forth as he penetrates deeper inside himself, she couldn’t help but stimulate her clit as she ran her finger over it gently, watching him. Listening to his cries, moans growls, was doing things to her that she just couldn’t explain. Sliding two fingers deep inside her p**** every now and then she takes those two fingers bringing them up to her mouth slowly sucking them in, licking and sucking and tasting all her juices, she knew what it was doing to him, she knew he wanted to be the one tasting her, and she wanted to taste him, getting up she slides underneath him, putting them into the 69 position, not only could she taste him from this position but she could continue to watch him as well.

Sucking his monster into her mouth as he latched his mouth over her p****, licking sucking and nibbling at her clit as he worked his vibrator in and out of his ass now a little faster and harder, she sucked his shaft deeper into her throat as he buried his tongue deep inside her hot box, the harder she sucked him the deeper and harder he buried his tongue, f****** her little p**** just as he would if he was f****** her with his throbbing rigid cock.

“Oh !@#? baby I’m going to cum!!!!!!!!!!!!” Darnell screams as he pushes his toy as far inside himself as he now possibly could just holding it there rocking back and forth on it, releasing all his hot cum, shot after shot into the depths of her throat, she returns all her love juices to him at the very same time.

As the pull themselves back together, she takes his toy into her hand slowly removing it from him, he gets off her, they lay on their sides facing one another she rests her head on his chest, looking up into his gorgeous eyes.

“Thank you baby thank you so much for making my fantasy come true.”

“Any time my sexy girl, any time.” 
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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2533 on: May 24, 2007, 11:09:27 AM »
sorry po dun sa mga naghihintay ng kasunod ng story ni pj and stella, i still cant find the damn continuation of it.

Anyway here's another story..


Si Aling Andea ay suki namin sa aming tindahan. Ang asawa niyang si Mang Mandy ay nagta-trabaho sa Saudi Arabia at taunan lang kung umuwi. Nakatira sila sa isang apartment na malapit lang sa aming bahay. 3 taon na silang umuupa doon. Meron din silang anak na 5 years old, si Cheche. Sa tingin ko ay wala pang 30 years old si Aling Andrea. Sila lang mag-ina ang nakatira sa inuupahan nilang apartment. Palabiro si Aling Andrea at pati ako ay madalas niyang biruin pag ako ang nakatao sa tindahan.

‘Joel, pabili nga ng Safeguard’, minsan siyang bumili sa amin. ‘Sandali lang ho’, sabi ko naman. ‘Biglang-laki ka ano? Noong kalilipat pa lang namin ay hindi ka ganyan kalaki. Ilang taon ka na ba?, sunod-sunod niyang tanong. ‘18 na ho ako sa June’, sagot ko naman. buong pagmamayabang ko naming sagot. Ah…at kinuha ang Safeguard sa aking kamay. Sinadya ko namang himasin ang kanyang palad. ‘Ikaw ha, pilyo ka na’, sabay talikod para umuwi.

Ang totoo ay gandang-ganda ako kay Aling Andrea palibhasa ay maputi siya. Marami ang nagsasabing pag maputi ang isang tao ay kalahati na ng ganda iyon. Pero si Aling Andrea ay maganda talaga. Matangos ang ilong, medyo chinita, mapuputi ang pantay-pantay na ngipin at mapupulang mga labi. At sa katawan naman ay mapapahanga ka. Kahit me isang anak na siya ay kay ganda ng hubog. Mukhang malulusog ang kanyang mga suso. At pati legs ay napakakinis. Lagi kasi siyang naka-shorts. Ika nga, binti pa lang ay ulam na.

Tuwing ako ay maliligo ay lagi ko iyang pinagpapatasyahan sa banyo. Magmula nang ako ay matuli ay laging nagtititigas ang t*** ko. Marahil ito ang sinasabi nilang nasa ‘puberty age’ na laging tigasin ang isang nagbibinatilyo. Pagkahubad ko pa lang ng aking t-shirt, shorts kasama na ang brief ay laging matigas na ang aking uten. Di pa gaanong makapal ang aking bulbol na isang taon pa lang ang nakalilipas magmula ng ito ay tumubo. Tatapat ako sa dutsa at pag basa na ang aking katawan ay sasabunin ko ang aking bulbol direteso sa paghimas sa aking matigas ng burat. Pipikit ako at marerehistro sa aking utak si Aling Andrea. Unti-unti kong siyang hinuhubaran sa aking isipan habang panay ang himas ko sa aking matigas ng burat.

Nahahalikan ko siya sa pangarap at parang totoong-totoo na nagyayari. Mapapabilis ang aking pagbabate hanggang sa ako ay labasan at mapapaupo ako sa baldosa ng banyo na nanghihina ang tuhod. Lagi nang marami ako inilalabas na tamod magmula nang matuto akong magbate. Natuto akong magbate sa turo na rin ng aking mga kababata na siguro ay katulad ko ring malibog. O baka natural naman na lahat ng lalaking nasa ganitong edad ay mga malilibog.

Minsan, pinakiusapan ako ni Aling Andrea na pumasyal sa kanila. Kung pwede ko raw siyang tulungang palitan ang sapatilya ng kanilang gripo kasi lagi nang tumutulo. Nagpaalam ako kay Inay na sasaglit kina Aling Andrea after lunch para nga tulungan ko siya sa pag-aayos ng kanilang gripo. Kung tutuusin ay natuwa pa ako dahil nga crush ko siya.

Mga bandang ala-una ay lumipat na ako sa kanila. ‘Aling Andrea’, nandito na po ako. Narinig ko ang sagot niya, ‘Tuloy ka na, Joel, bukas yan’ naliligo lang ako pero patapos na. Pumasok naman ako sa kanilang sala. Alam kong wala si Cheche kasi ay nasa nursery school. Iginala ko ang aking tingin at nakita ko ngang tumutulo ang gripo nila sa lababo. Nang pupuntahan ko ay siya namang labas ni Aling Andrea mula sa banyo. Naka-bathrobe lang siya at may tuwalya sa ulo. Kay ganda talaga ni Aling Andrea. Itinuro niya sa akin ang lababo at sabi. ‘Iyan sana ang ipapagagawa ko sa iyo’. ‘Me gamit ho ba si Mang Mandy, kailangan po kasi ng liyabe-tubo pati na pangontra. Saka ho yung ipapalit na ‘rubber gasket at Teflon’, tanong ko sa kanya. ‘Wag mo na nga akong pupupuin at 28 pa lang naman ako.

Saka Andrea na lang ang itawag mo sa akin’, patuloy pa niya na nakangiti. Yumuko siya para kunin ang toolbox na nakalagay sa loob ng kitchen cabinet. Nakupo at medyo sumungaw ang kanyang mga suso sa kanyang bathrobe. Halos pigilin ko ang aking paghinga sa aking nakita. Nahawakan ko nang di oras ang aking burat sa loob ng shorts na medyo kumislot. Nang mag-angat ng mukha si Aling Andrea ay nahuli akong nakatingin sa kanyang boobs. ‘Ikaw ha, pilyo ka talaga’, pero hindi naman kinipit ang lumabas sa kanyang bathrobe. ‘Paano, ikaw muna bahala dyan at magbibihis lang ako sa kwarto’, sabi niya. ‘Oo, Andrea’, sagot ko naman at naalala ang hiling niyang huwag ko na siyang pupuin. Madali ko naming naayos ang tagas ng gripo.

Nang lumabas si Andrea ay naka-bihis na – sleeveless na kulay-puting blouse at naka-shorts na halos kita na ang puwit sa ikli. Kita ko rin wala siyang suot na bra. Kay sarap sigurong himasin at susuhin ng kanyang mga utong. Nagsisimula na naming magalit ang aking alaga sa loob ng aking briefs. ‘Sandali, Joel, ha? Maghahanda lang ako ng meryenda natin. Sabay na tayong umalis mamayang 4pm-susunduin ko si Cheche sa school,’ pakiusap niya. ‘Sige, wala naman akong gagawin’ sagot ko naman. Egg pie at Coke ang meryendang hinanda niya.

‘Me girlfriend ka na ba? tanong niya sa akin. Wala pa pero maraming crushes’, sagot ko naman. ‘Tama iyan, pag-aaral muna asikasuhin mo para matuwa sa iyo ang mga magulang mo’. Lagi akong napapatingin sa kanyang mga suso at alam kong nakikita iyon ni Andrea. Siya naman ay sumusulyap sa shorts ko at halos di ko maitago ang naninigas kong burat sa kanyang mga mata. ‘Madalas ka bang magjakol?’ parang naringgan ko siya. ‘Ha? Na parang di ko kayang sagutin ang tanong niya. ‘Wag ka nang mahiya dahil natural lang sa edad mo ang mainit ang dugo at laging tigasin.

Ang Kuya Mandy mo nga, sabi sa akin ay marunong na siyang magbate sa edad na 10’. ‘Malibog ba si Kuya Mandy?, tanong ko naman. Naku sobra, nang nandito siya ay halos gabi-gabi kaming nagse-sex. Parang siyang walang kapaguran pero gusting-gusto ko naman’ ang sagot sa akin. Kaya nga lagi akong malungkot mula ng umalis siya. Wala akong mapagkalibangan’, parang nagpapaawang sabi niya.

Puro sex ang naging topic namin at hindi yata nawawala ang katigasan ng aking burat. Nagpaalam ako kung pwedeng gamitin ko ang banyo para umihi (at para ayusin ko na rin ang burat kong nakapahalang sa brief ko kaya naiipit ang aking bulbol). Tumayo ako at tinungo ang banyo.Hindi ko na sinara nang todo ang banyo tutal ay wala naming ibang tao. Inilabas ko ang tigas na tigas kong burat para umuhi pero hindi ako maihi dahil nga sa katigasan. Nagulat ako nang mula sa aking likuran ay may humawak sa aking burat na pinadaan ang 2 kamay sa magkabila kong baywang. Napalingon ako at nakita kong nakangiti si Andrea. ‘Sabi ko na nga ba at tinitigasan ka na’, sabi niya sa akin. ‘Gusto mong pahupain natin iyan?’ dagdag pa niya. ‘Kaya mo?’, parang naghahamong tanong ko. ‘Subukan natin’, sabi niya.

Pumasok kami sa kwarto. Hindi pa man ay libog na libog na ako. Pinahiga niya ako sa kama. Hinubad ang aking sando. Inumpisahan niya halikan ako sa labi. Napakainit ng kanyang mga labi. Lumaban ako nang halikan na ang aking kamay ay sapu-sapo ang kanyang mga suso. Lalong nabanat ang aking burat sa katigasan. Bumaba ang halik niya sa aking mga utong na para naman akong nakokoryente habang inuulit-ulit niya iyon. Kumilos ang aking mga kamay at hinubad ko rin ang kanyang blouse. Anak ng pating... at pagkaganda ng hubog ng kanyang suso.

Napahawak ako sa aking burat at inumpisahang jakulin pero inalis ni Andrea ang aking kamay at ipinahawak ang kanyang mga suso. Nilamas ko nang nilamas nang marahan at para siyang hibang na kiwal nang kiwal. Bigla siyang sumubsob sa aking tiyan sabay batak ng aking shorts kasam na ang brief, hinalikan ang aking pusod pababa.. pababa sa aking bulbol. Pinaglaruan pa niya ang aking bulbol habang ang bibig niya ay dumausdos sa kahabaan ng aking burat. Mamamatay na yata ako sa aking nararamdaman.

Ngayon pa lang kasi ako nakaranas ng ganito. Hinawakan niya ang aking burat at dinilaan ang ulo, pinasadahan niya ng dila ang butas na daanan ng tamod at ihi. Nagtaas-baba ang kanyang bibig sa aking burat na di nagbabago ang tigas. Pasumandali pa ay nilabasan ako sa kanyang bibig at nilunok niya lahat. Matapos akong labasan ay hinubad naman niya ang kanyang shorts at panty at tumambad sa aking mga paningin ang kanyang puki. Ah kay gandang pagmasadan. Palibhasa ay isang anak pa lang ang nagdaan kaya di pa masyadong ara.

Siya naman ang pinahiga ko sa kama at ako kako ang bahala. Nakakapanood ako ng x-rated sa vhs at siguro naman ay kaya kong gawin ang mga napapanood ko. Sinimulan ko rin siya halikan sa labi na ang aking maga kamay ay humihimas sa kanyang mga suso. Bumaba ang bibig ko sa kanyang leeg hanggang sa kanyang mga tayung-tayong suso at ang kamay ko naman ay gumala pababa sa kanyang puson. Itingil ko roon ang aking mga kamay pero si Andrea na mismo ang nagiya ng kamay ko sa kanyang bulbol hanggang kanyang puki. Basang-basa na ang kanyang puki.

Ipinasok ko ang pnggitnang daliri ko sa kanyang lagusan pero tuloy pa rin ang pagsuso ko sa kanya. Tuwing huhugutin ko ang aking daliri sa kanyang puki ay napapa-angat ang puwit niya sa pagsunod. Sa bibig ko uli siya hinalikan at tumapat ang kanyang puki sa aking burat na nag-uumpisa na namang tumigas. Ikinikiskis niya ang kanyang harap sa akin at sa dulas nito ay medyo pumapasok na ang ulo ng t*** ko sa kanya. Nang tantiya ko ay bumalik na ang dati nitong katikasan ay unti-unti kong ipinasok ang aking burat sa kanyang puki.

Ang sarap ng pakiramdam ng aking burat sa kanyang kaloob-looban. Tumaas-bumaba ang aking puwitan at sumasabay naman si Andrea na siguro ninanamnam na maigi ang nakapasok sa kanya. Matagal-tagal na rin si Kuya Mandy sa Saudi kaya alam kong tigang na tigang siya. Habang kinakantot ko siya ay hinahalikan ko pa rin siya sa bibig. Maya-maya pa ay nangisay na siya at naramdaman kong parang hinihigop ng kanyang puki ang aking burat.

Ito marahil ang tinatawag na ‘orgasm’ sa babae. Nang maramdaman kong halos nasasakal ang aking burat ay lalo kong binilisan ang pagkantot sa kanya at di rin nagtagal ay nilabasan na naman ako. Pakiramdam ko ay magkasimdami ang tamod na inilabas ko kanina at ngayon.
Matapos ang mga nangyari ay umuwi na ako. May usapan kami ni Andrea na walang makakaalam ng ginawa namin – sikreto naming dalawa ang naganap sa amin. Nangako naman ako at umaasang mauulit pa maiinit naming sandali.



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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2534 on: May 24, 2007, 01:59:42 PM »

Nang ibalita ng aking misis na darating ang kanyang nakababatang kapatid para bumisita ay hindi ko alam kung ano ang gagawin. Alam ko kasing hindi masyadong nagkakasundo si Michelle(ang aking hipag) at ang aking misis na si Lyneth. Tatlong taon na kaming kasal ni Lyneth at minsan ko lang makita ang kanyang kapatid. Ang tanging alam ko lang ay may tampuhan silang dalawa dahil sa mga di pagkakasunduan. Nang tinanong ko si Lyneth tungkol dito ay sinabi niyang nagkausap na sila at nagpapalitan ng text. Gusto niyang muling maging malapit sila sa isat-isa.

Ang isang ikinatuwa ko lang na bibisita ang kanyang kapatid ay muli kong makikita ang maganda nitong katawan. Si Michelle ay seksi at maputi. Medyo may kaliitan sa taas na 5'4" pero malaki naman ang dibdib. Ito ang inaabangan kong makita dahil paborito rin ni Michelle na magsuot ng mga damit na hapit na lalong nakapagpapalaki ng kanyang dibdib.Siyempre hindi rin naman pahuhuli ang misis ko. Sexy rin siya, hindi masyadong maputi pero napakakinis. Mas mataas siya ng konti kay Michelle pero mas maliit ang dibdib.

Isang araw bago dumating si Michelleay tinanong ako ni Lyneth kung OK lang na magsama si Michelle ng kanyang kaibigan. Napangisi ako at nagpantasya sa aking narinig. Pumayag agad ako sa pagaakalang ang isasamang kaibigan ni Michelle ay isa sa kanyang mga kaibigang babae.

Kinabukasan ay sinundo namin si Michelle sa bus station. Pagbaba pa lang ni Michelle sa bus ay napangisi na ako. Naksuot lang kasi siya ng tanktop at miniskirt. Bakat na bakat ang kanyang malalaking suso sa suot na damit at nagenjoy rin ako sa view ng kanyang legs at matambok na puwet sa suot na palda. Napansin ko rin ang kasama ni Michelle. Sa kasawiang palad ay hindi kaibigang babae ang kasama ni Michelle. Ang kasama niya ay ang kanyang boyfriend.

Agad na yumapos si Michelle kay Lyneth at ganun din sa akin. Medyo pinagtagal ko ang pagyapos at siniguro kong mararamdaman ko ang pagdikit ng kanyang dibdib sa akin. Naamoy ko rin ang kanyang napakabangong buhok. Kahit na medyo matagal ang kanilang biyahe ay amoy bagong paligo pa rin si babae2. Napatingin rin ako sa kanyang bf na napansin ni Michelle.

"Ay nga pala, si Ogie boyfriend ko." sabi niya. Lumapit si Ogie sa akin at kinamayan ako. Nagmukhang kamay ng bata ang aking mga kamay habang nakikipagkamay kay Ogie. Malapad kasi ang kanyang palad at mahaba ang mga daliri. Magandang lalaki rin naman si Ogie, mataas at maganda ang katawan. Napansin ko rin ang aking misis na sinisipat si Ogie. Hindi ko siya masisisi dahil na rin sa mukhang makalaglag panty si Ogie.

Pagdating sa bahay ay kumain kami at naginuman habang nagkukuwentuhan. Napagusapan rin namin ang nalalapit na kasal ni Michelle at Ogie. Sa aming pagkukuwentuhan ay napansin ko agad ang magandang personality ni Ogie. Sigurado akong lapitin ito ng mga babae dahil sa medyo may pagkabolero rin. Matapos ang ilang oras na kuwentuhan, kainan at inuman ay nagpasya ng kaming lahat na matulog na at magpahinga. Sa guest bedroom sila matutulog na katabi lamang ng aming kuwarto.

Makalipas ang kalahating oras ay naalimpungatan kami ni Lyneth. Langitngit ng kama at ungol ang narinig namin. Hindi mapagkakailang nagsesex ang dalawa sa kabilang kuwarto. Nagkatinginan lang kami ni Lyneth at nagkatawanan. Pero habang patagal ng patagal ay lalong lumalakas ang ingay at ang ungol ni Michelle. May mga pagkakataon pang naririnig namin kung paanong sabihin ni Michelle na napakasarap ng "malaking t***" ni Ogie.

Yumapos ako kay Lyneth at hinimas ang kanyang mga suso. Nakatalikod siya sa akin habang hinahalik-halikan ko siya sa batok at likod. Gumapang rin ang kanyang kamay at kinapa ang aking t***. Hindi na namin pinatagal pa. Inililis ko agad ang panty ni Lyneth at itinutok ang galit na galit kong t***. Hindi ako nahirapang makapasok dahil sa basang-basa na ang kanyang puki. Naglabas pasok ako na sinasalubong naman ni Lyneth. Sinabayan namin ang pagkakantutan ng kanyang kapatid. Hindi nagtagal dahil sa libog na libog ako ay nilabasan agad ako. Dahil sa pagod ay napatihaya na lang ako. Si Lyneth naman ay nagpunta sa banyo para maghugas. Nakatulog na lang ako sa paghihitay na makapabalik si Lyneth.

Naalimpungatan ako makalipas ang ilang minuto. Pagtingin ko sa tabi ko ay wala pa rin si Lyneth. Bigla akong nakarinig ng hagikhikan. Nanggagaling sa kabilang kuwarto. Boses ni Michelle ang nadinig ko. "Sige na wag ka nang mahiya"

Tumayo ako at lumabas para hanapin si Lyneth. Tumanaw ako at wala siya sa kusina o sa sala. Naisipan kong magtanong sa aming bisita kung nakita nila si Lyneth. Pagtapat ko sa pinto ay nagulat ako sa aking nakita. Hindi nakasara ang kanilang pintuan at sa kama ng magkasintahan ay nakaupo si Ogie habang nakaluhod sa harapan nito ang magkapatid. Kapwa sila hubad lahat.

Hindi ko alam ang gagawin. Nagawa ko pang magtanong. "Anong ibig sabihin nito?" pagalit na tanong ko. Napatingin sila sa akin. Noon ko lang napansin na hawak pala ng magkapatid ang t*** ni Ogie. Hindi ako makapaniwala sa aking nakita. Tigas na tigas ang t*** ni Ogie. Kasing taba yata ng lata ng sardinas at mga pito hanggang walong pulgada ang haba ng kanyang t***.

Tumayo si Michelle at lumapit sa akin. "Relax ka lang" sabi niya sabay halik sa akin.

Hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala na pinagtataksilan ako ng aking asawa ng harapan. Pero hindi rin maipagkakaila na nalilibugan ako sa aking nakikita. Lalo pa akong nalibugan ng nagumpisang himasin ni Michelle ang aking t***. Nakatingin kaming pareho sa kama kung saan ay inumpisahan ng isubo ni Lyneth ang t*** ni Ogie. Napakalaki ng t*** ni Ogie at hindi iyon maisubo ng ayos ni Lyneth. Hanggang sa makalagpas ulo lamang ang nagagawa niyang isubo habang ang kamay naman niya ay nagtaasbaba sa ibabang bahagi nito.

Lumuhod si Michelle sa aking harapan at hinubad ang suot kong shorts. Wala akong brief kaya umalagwa rin agad ang aking alaga. Isinubo niya ang aking t*** at nagumpisa akong iblowjob. Muli nagtalo ang aking isip. May galit at selos sa nakikita kong ginagawa ni Lyneth pero nagiinit rin ako. Init na lalong pinagalab sa galing ni Michelle na magblowjob.

Hawak ni Ogie ang ulo ni Lyneth. Ako naman ay hawak ang ulo ni Michelle. Narinig ko pa ng tanungin ni Ogie si Lyneth. "Gusto mo bang matikman kung paano ka pupunuin ng t*** ko?".

Tumingin lang si Lyneth kay Ogie na prang nagsusumamo. Tumingin rin muna siya sa akin bago umibabaw kay Ogie. Itinapat niya ang puki sa t*** ni Ogie at dahn-dahang naupo. Ilang beses niyang sinubukan pero di agad pumasok ang t*** ni Ogie. Tumungo pa si Lyneth para muling isubo at lawayan ng maigi ang t*** ni Ogie. Dumura rin siya at nilawayan ang kanyang puki.

Muli ay tumapat siya dahan-dahang naupo. Unti-unting pumasok ang t*** ni Ogie. "Oohhh... ang lakihhh" ungol ni Lyneth. Kitang-kita ko kung paanong sakalin ng puki ni Lyneth ang matabang t*** ni Ogie. Naiiwan ang labi ng kanyang puki sa tuwing aangat mula sa pagkakabaon.

Hinila ako ni Michelle palapit sa kama at pinahiga ako sa tabi ni Ogie. Doon ay mas kita ko kung paanong nageenjoy si Lyneth sa ginagawa. Sa tuwing bumabaon ay lumalakas ang kanyang ungol at tumitirik ang mata. Nagulat na lang ako ng kumandong sa akin si Michelle at inupuan rin ang galit kong t***. Pumasok agad ang aking t*** at parang nagkakarerang nagtaas baba ang magkapatid. Napuno ng ungol ang kuwarto.

"Oohhh....Ahhh..." "Sige pahhh ang saraphhhh.."

Nawala na ng tuluyan ang pagaalinlangan ko sa nangyayari. May kumakantot nga sa misis ko na iba pero heto naman ako at kinakantot ang kanyang kapatid na pinagpapantasyahan ko rin.

Naghalikan pa ang magkapatid at naglamasan ng suso habang nangangabayo sa amin. Matapos labasan ang dalawa ay nagpalit pa kami ng puwesto. Pinatuwad namin ang magkapatid na magkaharap at muli ay kinantot sila. Nakaharap sa akin si Lyneth at kita ko kung paano siya nasasarapan. Sigurado akong ganon din ang nakikita ni Ogie. Kahit na di kalakihan ang aking t*** ay sigurado akong nasasarapan si Michelle dahil sa tigas na tigas ito.

Natapos ang aming orgy na sabay kaming lahat nilabasan. Mas marami pa ang lumabas sa akin ngayong si Michelle ang katalik ko. Nakahiga kaming lahat sa kama pagkatapos. Medyo siksikan pero dahil sa King size naman ay nagkasya kami. Nakatulog kami ng ganoon at kinabukasan paggising ay muling nagkantutan.

Lumipas ang dalawang araw na wala kaming ginawa sa bahay kundi magkantutan araw at gabi. Pahinga lang namin ang kain at pagtulog. Hindi na rin kami nagabala pang magsuot ng damit.

Araw ng alis nina Michelle ay nagkantutan pa kami bago namin sila ihatid sa bus station. Simula noon ay lalong nagalab ang sex life namin ni Lyneth. Kasama pa kami ng naghoneymoon ang kapatid. Nagabroad si Ogie makalipas ang isang taon upang magtrabaho. Si Michelle naman ay sa amin na tumira pansamantala na labis ko namang ikinaligaya. Dalawang babae na ngayon ang lagi kong kasama at kakama.
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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
« Reply #2535 on: May 24, 2007, 02:31:10 PM »
haaaaay..  ;D

but is this possible in real life?
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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
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more more more.... hehe


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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
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may nagpost na po ba nito? ???

Thursday, March 30, 2006
Chapter 1

"Roy! Tapos ka na bang magbihis?" tawag ni Minda sa kanyang 16 year old na anak na si Roy. "Male-late na tayo sa graduation rites mo, bilisan mo na!"

"Coming na Mama!" sagot ni Roy. Ilang sandali pa ay bumaba na si Roy ng hagdanan. Nakangiting tiningnan siya ni Minda at inihanda ang hawak na camera.

"Teka muna." sabi nito sa anak at kinunan ng litrato si Roy. "Binatang binata na ang anak ko talaga."

"Mama naman." parang nahihiya pang tugon ni Roy. Sa pintuan naman ay naghihintay na ang Papa niyang si Gary.

"Oh, tama na yan at baka hindi tayo umabot sa graduation mo. Halika na!"

Niyakap ni Minda ang anak bago sila tumungo sa sasakyan. Hindi sinasadyang nahawakan nito ang namumukol sa harap ng anak. Napaiwas bigla si Roy at medyo namula ang kulay ng mukha.

"Roy ha." puna ni Minda sa anak. "Baka naman kung ano-ano ang binabasa mo sa kuwarto mo?"

"Mama naman, wala ho." dahilan ni Roy. Tiningnan siya ng mabuti ni Minda, bumaba ang mata nito sa namumukol na harapan ng anak, maya-maya'y ngumiti ito at tumalikod na papuntang sasakyan. Lingid kay Minda ay pinagmamasdan ni Roy ang katawan niya ngayong nakatalikod siya. Forty years old na si Minda ngunit parang thirty-five lang ang age niya. Dala pa rin niya hanggang ngayon ang magandang hubog ng katawan na pinagnanasaan ng mga kasing-edad ni Roy.

Iba naman ang tingin ni Roy sa ina habang nakatalikod ito. Malapit siya sa kanyang ina mula pagkabata pa. Dahil nag-iisang anak, hindi siya iniiwanan ni Minda at madalas ay kasabay pa niyang maligo ito. Okay lang yun nung bata pa itong si Roy, pero nung umabot siya sa edad na sampu ay nagsimulang magkaroon na siya ng malisya kaya't hindi na ito sumasabay sa pagligo. Ang hindi lang maipaliwanag ni Roy ay ang experience niya nung first time siyang mag-wet dream.

Sa panaginip niya ay kasama niya si Minda na namamasyal sa park, ngunit sa hindi maipaliwanag na rason ay biglang nagbago ang scene ng panaginip niya at nakita na lang niya ang ina na sinasalsal ang t*** niya. Sa halip na ma-offend si Roy ay nasarapan pa ito sa panaginip niya. Ngunit nung magising siya ay parang nagsisi itong si Roy at pilit na inaalis sa isip ang nakakalibog na panaginip.

Ngunit parang nambubuyo talaga ang tadhana. Babalik tayo sa nakaraan.

11:45 PM.

Nag-aaral itong si Roy nang makaramdam ng pagkauhaw. Lumabas siya ng kuwarto para uminom ng tubig ay narinig niya ang pag-uga ng kama sa masters bedroom. Pagdaan niya ay napansin niyang nakabukas ng kaunti ang pintuan. May problema talaga ang lock ng pintuan ng parents niya nung panahong yun kaya hindi siguro nito namalayan na unti-unting bumubukas ang pinto.

Sumilip si Roy at namalas niya ang ginagawa ng mga magulang niya. Parehong walang suot na damit si Gary at si Minda. Nakapatong si Gary kay Minda at kinakantot ang asawa. Mabagal pero madiin ang pagpasok ng t*** ni Gary sa puke ni Minda. Sa bawat diin naman ni Gary ay umuungol sa sarap itong si Minda.

"Uhhh... Uhh.. Uhhhh..."

Naramdaman ni Roy ang pagtigas ng t*** niya. Hinawakan niya ito habang pinanonood na magkantutan ang mga magulang niya. Maganda ang puwesto ni Roy dahil kitang kita niya ang pagpasok ng t*** ni Gary sa puke ni Minda, kitang kita niya kung paano lumalalim ito sa loob ng puke ng ina at kung paano hinuhugot ulit ito ng ama. Nakabukas pa ang ilaw sa dresser kaya't malinaw sa mga mata ni Roy ang ginagawang kalibugan ng mga magulang niya.

Maya-maya'y biglang bumilis ang tempo ng pumping ni Gary. Kumapit ng mahigpit si Minda kay Gary at lalong umingay ang kama. Humawak sa likod ni Gary si Minda, pababa ng pababa hanggang masapo nito ang puwet ng asawa at sumabay sa pagdiin ng t*** nito sa puke niya.

"Aahhh... Ayyy.... Ohhh..."

"Uhhmmm... Ohhh..."

"Haahhh... Ahhh.. Uhhh..."

Inilabas ni Roy ang t*** niya at sinalsal ito. Mabilis! Libog na libog na si Roy sa ginagawang kantutan ng mga magulang niya. Parang balewala na kina Gary at Minda kung marinig man ng anak ang ingay nila sa sobrang libog na nararamdaman nila ngayon. Sinuso ni Gary ang dibdib ng asawa habang halos tumirik naman ang mata ni Minda sa sarap. Maya-maya'y biglang umungol ng malakas si Gary.

"Ohhh..! Ohhh!"

Alam ni Roy na lalabasan na ang ama at siya mismo ay lumalapit na rin sa sukdulan. Hindi nga nagkamali si Roy dahil biglang hinugot ni Gary ang t*** niya at pinaputok ito sa harap ng puke ni Minda. Sumabog ang maraming similya ni Gary na bumasa nang lalo sa puke ng asawa pati sa singit nito.

Kasabay ng pagsabog ng similya ni Gary ay sumabay din si Roy. Pumulandit ang katas nito at hindi sinasadyang tumalsik paloob ng kuwarto. Halos makuryente sa sarap itong si Roy na mabuti na lang ay hindi nabangga ang pintuan kung hindi ay baka nahuli siya. Nung makaraos ay tiningnan nitong muli ang magulang. Subo naman ngayon ni Minda ang t*** nga asawa na parang sinisipsip pa ang natitirang similya nito. Bumalik na lang ng kuwarto niya si Roy at baka mahuli pa siya ng nanay niya.

Nung gabing yun ay napanaginipan niya ulit si Minda. Sa panaginip niya ay pareho silang nasa kama at naghahalikan sa labi. Nakabukas ang suot na damit ng ina at kasalukuyang nilalamas niya ang suso nito.

"Roy anak, patungan mo ako." sabi ni Minda sa panaginip. Sumunod naman si Roy at pumatong kay Minda. Damang dama pa ni Roy ang init ng puke ng ina nang ipasok niya ang nagngangalit niyang ari sa loob nito. Nagsimulang umulos si Roy.

"Ohhh! Ohhh! Ohhh!" ungol ni Minda sa panaginip. Mahigpit ang mga yakap niya kay Roy.

"Ohhh.. Ohhhh... Mamaaahhh..." ungol naman ni Roy. Hindi niya maipaliwanag ang sarap na nararamdaman. Ibang klase talaga! Hindi rin siya makapaniwala sa ginagawa nila ng ina. Ngunit balewala na ito kay Roy ngayon. Nadarang na siya masyado sa tawag ng laman. Lasing na lasing na siya sa libog kaya't wala na siyang pakialam kung ang kinakantot niya ay ang kanyang-----

"Roy! Roy! Gumising ka!"

Dumilat ang mga mata ni Roy. Medyo madilim pa rin ang paligid at nagulat siya dahil nasa tabi niya ang ina.

"Roy binabangungot ka yata." sabi ni Minda.

"Ha?" kunyari ay walang alam. "Ganun ba?"

"Oo." sagot ni Minda. "Mabuti na lang at narinig ko na tinatawag mo ako." Hinimas ni Minda ang ulo ng anak, ang dibdib, pagkatapos ay nadanggi nito ang harap ng anak.

"Hey," puna ni Minda, "what is this?"

"Wala po." biglang iwas ni Roy.

Umiling si Minda. "Bakit ba sa tuwing madaling-araw ay naninigas ang mga t*** ninyong mga lalaki. O siya, matulog ka na at tatabihan na lang kita."

"Ho?" gulat na tanong ni Roy. "Pero Ma, okay na ako."

"Hinde, dito na ako matutulog. Baka bangungutin ka na naman diyan." at humiga na si Minda sa tabi ni Roy. Hindi na nakaangal si Roy at hinayaan na lang ang ina na tumabi sa kaniya. Dumaan ang isang minuto, dalawa, tatlo... sampung minuto... Pero hindi makatulog si Roy. Nabitin siya sa panaginip at sumasakit na ngayon ang puson niya lalo na't nararamdaman pa nito ang katawan ng ina na ngayo'y nakayakap sa kanya.

Tigas na tigas ang t*** ni Roy at mukhang walang balak na lumambot. Hirap na hirap na rin si Roy dahil kahit gustong gusto niyang salsalin ito para mapaputok ay hindi niya magawa dahil baka magising si Minda. Pakilos-kilos ang katawan niya at iba-iba na ang iniisip niya para lang mapalambot ito ngunit nananatiling matigas na matigas pa rin ito.

Lingid kay Roy ay nararamdaman pala siya ng ina na hindi rin makatulog dahil galaw ng galaw si Roy.

"Roy, may masakit ba sa iyo?" tanong nito.

"Ah eh... Wala naman po." sagot ni Roy ngunit pakilos-kilos pa rin siya kaya't alam ni Minda na hindi nagsasabi ng totoo ang anak.

"Merong gumagambala sa iyo ano yun?" tanong ni Minda pagkatapos ay nasanggi ng braso nito matigas na namumukol sa harap ng anak.

"Roy!" bigkas ni Minda. "Bakit napakatigas ng t*** mo?"

"Patay..." sabi ni Roy sa sarili niya. "Eh, yun nga po ang problema, nasasaktan na nga ako."

"Ano ba ang nangyari diyan?" tanong ni Minda.

"Ewan ko Ma, pero ayaw lumambot. Nahihirapan na nga ako." sabi ni Roy na halatang hirap na hirap na.

"Masakit ba ang puson mo?" tanong ni Minda. Tumango si Roy.

Umupo si Minda at tiningnan nang mabuti ang anak. Sandaling pinagmasdan nito ang namumukol sa harapan ni Roy.

"Roy," sabi nito sa anak, "Mommy's going to do something para hindi ka na mahirapan okay? But I need you to trust me on this."

"Okay." sabi ni Roy. Ibinaba ni Minda ang salawal ni Roy at tumambad sa kanya ang t*** ng anak. Pakiramdam naman ni Roy ay lalong nanigas ito. Hinawakan ni Minda ang t*** ng anak at dahan dahang sinalsal ito habang nakatingin kay Roy. Nanlaki naman ang mga mata ni Roy sa ginagawa ng ina.

"How is it?" tanong ni Minda. "Masakit ba? I can go slower kung masakit."

"Hindi naman po." sagot ni Roy. Nagpatuloy si Minda sa pag-masturbate ng t*** ng anak. Pareho silang tahimik at walang sinasabi. Maya-maya'y nagsalita si Minda.

"Maya-maya lang ay makakaramdam ka ng parang maiihi ka." sabi nito. "Huwag mong pigilan, ilabas mo."

"Ma... Uh.." ungol ni Roy. "Nararamdaman ko na yan ngayon."

"Talaga?" sabi ni Minda. "Sige iputok mo, si Mama ang bahala."

"Ohhh.. Ohhh! Uhhh!" ungol ni Roy. Nararamdaman na niya ang pag-akyat ng similya niya mula sa bayag niya. Nahalata naman ni Minda na malapit na sa sukdulan ang anak kaya't lalong nitong binilisan ang pagbate sa anak.

Sumirit pataas ang similya ni Roy. Medyo nagulat si Minda dahil parang fountain ang sumirit sa t*** ng anak. Dinahan dahan ngayon ni Minda ang pagsalsal sa t*** ni Roy. Sumirit ulit ang similya nito at binasa ng lalo ang kamay ng ina. Hindi nagtagal ay lumambot na rin ang t*** ni Roy.

"Okay na Ma..." sabi ni Roy sa ina. Binitawan ni Minda ang t*** ng anak at pinunasan ang kamay niya. Pagkatapos ay tumabi ito sa anak.

"Okay ka na ba? Hindi na masakit?"

"Okay na Ma." sagot ni Roy.

"Sige, matulog ka na." sabi ni Minda at humiga na ito sa tabi ng anak na nakatalikod. Maya-maya'y humarap ulit ito kay Roy.

"Roy gising ka pa?"

"Opo." sagot naman ni Roy.

"Tanong ko lang... Masarap ba anak?"

Tumingin si Roy sa ina. "Kaya nga po hindi ako makatulog... Ang sarap kasi."

Ngumiti si Minda sa anak. "Matulog ka na." at tumalikod na ito kay Roy.



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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
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ano bah ito? hehe  ;D
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Re: erotic true tales, meron kayo?
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Friday, March 31, 2006
Chapter 2

Tatlong araw ang lumipas. Lumipad patungo sa ibang bansa ang papa ni Roy at naiwan silang dalawang mag-ina sa bahay. Walang nagbago sa relasyon nilang mag-ina. Although hindi makalimutan ni Roy ang napakasarap na pagbate sa kanya ng ina at hindi niya maiwasan na tingnan ang ina ng walang malisya.

Isang araw umuwi si Roy galing sa paglalaro ng basketball. Pawis na pawis siya at pagkakuha ng tuwalya ay tumungo ito sa banyo para maligo. Pagpihit niya ng door knob ay naka-lock ito.

"Ma?" kumatok si Roy.

"O bakit?" sagot ni Minda mula sa loob ng banyo.

"Hindi na bale, maliligo sana ako. Matagal ka pa ba?" tanong ni Roy.

"Kakapasok ko lang." sagot ni Minda.

"Sige maghihintay na lang ako dito." sabi ni Roy. Pumunta sa sala si Roy at nagbukas ng TV. Pero biglang bumukas ang pintuan ng banyo at sumilip si Minda.

"Gusto mo sumabay ka na?" tawag nito. Naramdaman ni Roy ang biglang pagtigas ng t*** niya.

"Ha? Eh," parang nalito si Roy, "hindi na bale mama, pagkatapos mo na lang."

"Nahihiya ka pa ba sa akin?" sabi ni Minda. "Parang hindi ka sanay sumabay sa pagligo sa akin nung maliit ka pa? Halika na!"

Nakaramdam ng matinding libog itong si Roy. Tumayo siya mula sa kinauupuan niya at pumasok sa loob ng banyo. Natatakpan ng shower curtain si Minda habang nagsa-shower.

"!@#? ang ganda ng katawan mo mama." bulong ni Roy sa sarili niya. Bakat sa shower curtain ang katawan ni Minda. Hubo't hubad si Minda at walang pakialam na nasa loob din ng banyo ang anak.

"Halika na?" yaya ni Minda. "Masarap ang tubig."

Naghubad ng damit si Roy at nung ibinaba niya ang salawal ay tigas na tigas ang t*** niya. Nakaramdam ng hiya sa sarili si Roy ngunit pagtingin niya ulit sa silhouette ng katawan ng ina sa shower curtain ay bumalik ang libog niya kanina.

Hinawi ni Roy ang shower curtain at pumasok siya sa loob.

"Ayan." sabi ni Minda. "Halika na." Sabay na nag-shower ang mag-ina kung saan patay malisya kunyari itong si Roy pero tingin ng tingin sa basang katawan ng ina. Hindi naman alintana kay Minda ang tigas na tigas na t*** ng anak pero hindi na siya nagsalita.

Kumuha ng sabon si Roy at sinabon ang likuran ni Minda.

"Sige paliguan mo ako for a change." sabi ni Minda. "Naalala mo ba nung maliit ka pa Roy?"

"Makakalimutan ko ba yun?" sagot ni Roy habang sinasabon ang likod ni Minda. Maya-maya'y pumunta sa tiyan ni Minda ang mga kamay ni Roy. Napansin ito ni Minda pero hindi ito nagsalita. Unti-unting tumataas ang mga kamay ni Roy ngunit bago umabot sa dibdib ni Minda ay pinigilan siya nito.

"I think I can manage from here Roy." sabi nito. "Here, ikaw naman ang magsabon."

Parang nabitin si Roy pero hindi siya nagsalita. Sinabon niya ang buong katawan at pagkatapos ay siya naman ang pumuwesto sa shower. Malakas ang shower at masarap ang bagsak ng tubig sa katawan niya.

Pagtalikod niya ay napansin niyang pinagmamasdan siya ng ina mula sa labas ng shower area. Nakatapis na ng tuwalya ang katawan ni Minda.

"What?" tanong ni Roy.

"Binata na talaga ang anak ko." puna ni Minda. "Parang kailan lang ako ang nagpapaligo sa iyo. Ngayon..."

"Ako na ang magpapaligo sa iyo?" sabad ni Roy. Natawa siya pagkatapos ay iiling-iling.

"Bakita ka umiiling?" tanong ni Minda.

"Kasi hindi naman kita napaliguan ano?" sagot ni Roy. "Hanggang likod at tiyan mo lang ang napaliguan ko."

"Gusto mo bang paliguan ang mama mo?" tanong ni Minda.

Tumingin si Roy. "Kaya lang tapos ka na eh."

"Seryoso ka ano?" tanong ni Minda na nakataas ang isang kilay. Pagkatapos ay nag-step in ulit siya sa shower, tinanggal ang tuwalya at isinabit sa itaas ng shower curtain.

"Okay, paliguan mo ako." sabi nito. Ngumiti si Roy, kinuha ulit ang sabon at sinabon ang katawan ng ina. Inumpisahan niya sa leeg ni Minda at unti-unting bumaba patungo sa dibdib nito. Nilamas ni Roy ang dibdib ni Minda habang sinasabon ito. Hindi nagsasalita si Minda at hinayaan lang si Roy sa ginagawa nito.

"Ma tumalikod ka para masabon ko ng mabuti ang katawan mo." sabi ni Roy. Tumalikod si Minda at niyakap ni Roy ang ina habang sinasabon ang katawan nito. Dumikit ang matigas na t*** ni Roy sa puwitan ni Minda.

"Roy ang tigas tigas na naman ng t*** mo." sabi ni Minda.

"Ewan ko ba ma." sabi ni Roy. "Bigla na lang tumitigas yan. Siguro may naaalala."

"Ganun ba? Bakit, sumasakit na naman ba yan?"

"If you're referring kung masakit na naman ang puson ko... yes ma, sumasakit ulit." sagot ni Roy.

Ngumiti lang si Minda at hindi nagsalita. Patuloy sa paglamas si Roy sa dibdib ng ina habang ang t*** niya ay dikit na dikit sa may puwit nito. Pakiramdam ni Roy ay punong puno ng sperm ang t*** niya at gusto niyang ilabas na ito.

Walang sabi sabing humarap si Minda sa kanya at biglang nagdikit ang mga labi nila.

"Ooops!" sabi ni Minda.

"Sorry ma." sabi naman ni Roy.

"Hmmm... Remember nung maliit ka pa Roy? Kapag bagong dating ako galing sa work naka-smack ka agad sa lips?"

"I remember ma." sagot ni Roy.

"That was then." sabi ni Minda. "Tikman ko nga ang lips ng anak ko?"

Nagdikit ang mga labi nila at parang instinct naman na naglaro ang mga dila nila. Lalong nalibugan itong si Roy lalo na ngayon na nakadikit sa biyak ng puke ng ina ang t*** niya. Damang dama ni Roy ang init ng puke ng ina at lalo siyang nalibugan.

"Aba magaling humalik pala ang anak ko?" sabi ni Minda at pagkatapos ay nagdikit ulit ang labi nila. Bumuka ng kaunti ang binti ni Minda at lumapit papuntang lagusan niya ang ulo ng t*** ng anak. Gumalaw ang hips ni Minda at halos pumasok ang ulo ng t*** ni Roy sa puke nito.

Hindi na nakayanan ni Roy ang nararamdaman at pumulandit agad ang katas niya. Nagulat si Minda at napatingin sa t*** ni Roy na sumisirit ng similya.

"Ohhh!" hindi na napigilan ni Roy ang pagungol. Sumirit pa ng similya ang t*** niya ng ilang beses pa.

"Ang init anak!" sabi ni Minda at hinayaan ang anak na iputok sa tapat ng puke niya ang libog nito. Hindi nagtagal ay naubos na rin ang kargadang similya ni Roy.

"Ah, sorry mama." sabi ni Roy.

"Sige na lumabas ka na." tapik ni Minda sa anak. Hindi na naghintay pang sabihan siya ulit ng ina, nagpunas agad ng tuwalya si Roy at lumabas ng banyo. Naiwan si Minda at akmang bubuksan ang shower ay biglang natigilan ito. Hinimas niya ang puke niya at nung tingnan ang kamay ay puno ng similya ng anak. Nakadama ng init ng katawan itong si Minda kaya't binuksan niya ang shower.

Habang tumutulo ang tubig ay tiningnan ni Minda ang daliri niya na natalsikan ng mas maraming similya ng anak at ito ang ginamit niya sa pag-finger sa sarili.