Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash 2011: Naughty Nautical Swoon-Fest!
If you missed last night's wet and wild show, we've got just the thing to quench your curiosity! See our photo gallery of event highlights!
Posted on September 16, 2011
by CJ de los Santos

Every September, Cosmo girls anticipate one thing only: the annual Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash, a live show featuring the hottest Bachelors, Centerfolds, celebrities, and models who star in every girl's fantasies! The boys took over the World Trade Center in Pasay City last night, September 15, for the wet and wild nautical-themed event dubbed "Cosmo Beyond Hot." Over 3,000 female guests came clad in red, white, and blue nautical outfits (watch for our Style Paparazzi gallery from the event!) to scream their hearts out for the hottest men in the land.

The loudest screams were reserved for the Cosmo Centerfolds: Enzo Pineda, Ahron Villena, Azkal Anton del Rosario, Paulo Avelino, two-time Centerfold Ejay Falcon, Brazilian Hideo Muraoka, and Enrique Gil, who arguably stole the show on his turn down the ramp.

The event kicked off with a song number from R&B singer Kris Lawrence, followed by a series of naughty games hosted by Menchu Antigua (a.k.a. DJ Scarlet of 99.5 RT). The ladies went wild watching their fellow Cosmo girls play games with the Bachelors: they kissed, massaged, and stripped the hunky men on stage, and brought home awesome prizes to boot! An entertaining dating game, which got the most screams, even gave away a trip to Korea to the lucky "searchee"!

The second male celeb who took to the ramp was Atticus King, who made his appearance playing an electric guitar, quickly followed by hot model Brent Javier, who got lots of loud shrieks from the audience.

But, the main event—and the swoon-and-scream-fest—officially began when lights went out to show a sexy teaser of Jake Cuenca on the giant screens, culminating on his live appearance on stage!

Other famous hunks who walked down the runway were Jerry Zheng, Jaco Benin, Geoff Taylor, Azkals Misagh Bahadoran and Nate Burkey, Rafael Rosell (also a scene-stealer in last year's show), Lucky Mercado, Rodjun Cruz, hot celeb twins Dominic and Felix Roco, Manuel Chua, Jose Sarasola, and former Centerfolds Rocco Nacino and Mark Herras. A big group of feisty Brazilian models had a portion of the show to themselves, wherein they danced around the stage in colorful, barely-there trunks—a fave among those who attended last night's show, based on your Tweets and Facebook comments!

Callalily's Kean Cipriano made quite an entrance, performing Snow Patrol's "Just Say Yes" in front of thousands of smitten girls. Then, former Centerfold Aljur Abrenica got hearts racing with his appearance for Century Tuna--marking the third time he starred in the Bachelor Bash! Meanwhile, Brapanese hunks (and former Cosmo Centerfolds) Fabio Ide and Daniel Matsunaga had girls rushing to the sides of the stage to reach them.

Finally, the moment everyone in the audience was waiting for had arrived. After a steamy video introduction of all 10 celebrity Centerfolds, the boys made their way to the stage one by one, to the delight of their die-hard Cosmo fans.

Ahron Villena was the first one up, and his hot performance (and naughty teaser!) certainly had us blushing!

Anton del Rosario was next, and all the Azkal fans in the crowd went absolutely crazy when he showed off his kick at the end of the ramp.

Enzo Pineda strutted onstage next and emptied a bottle of water over himself—he was a dripping sight to behold!

Paulo Avelino surprised us by pulling a pair of scissors out of his pocket and using it to cut the sides of his pants to reveal his underwear...and cutting again to reveal a sexier black underwear, causing the ladies to scream even louder.

Ejay Falcon got soaked and sticky when he bathed himself with a bottle of cola, to the defeaning roar of everyone in the front rows.

Hideo Muraoka made every girl super kilig when he handed out red and white roses to lucky girls in the audience!

And for the grand finale, Enrique Gil danced, strutted his stuff, and stripped down...right before pulling a girl out of the crowd and pouring honey all over himself and making her spread it all over him! His sweet and sexy turn down the ramp also proved to be among the attendees' trending faves!

Unfortunately, Phil and James Younghusband and Aly Borromeo were unable to attend the event for personal reasons. Phil did record a video, however, saying sorry he couldn't make it to the Bash, but that he had a little treat for the ladies: hosing himself down with water!

Did you miss this spectacular event? Don't fret; you can SEE the event highlights right here! Launch the gallery to view some of the exciting scenes that took place at Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2011, and watch the video here! Watch for more photo galleries, behind-the-scenes videos, and full coverage soon!

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  • Anonymous

    June 16, 2012 at 03:19 am    report abuse   
  • Princess Danes
    hot jake...
    September 20, 2011 at 08:19 am    report abuse   
  • jelo
    i was here and i enjoyed the show from start to finish! thank you cosmo.
    September 19, 2011 at 03:06 pm    report abuse   
  • pinkfetish
    oh the brazilians!! i posed with them after the show giving me sweet kisses on the cheek! one lucky cosmo girl if i may say! :P
    September 17, 2011 at 04:03 pm    report abuse   
  • rossdiaz2011
    Please upload more photos!! hehe
    September 17, 2011 at 12:21 pm    report abuse   
  • valerientine
    hi cosmo! I hope you can upload the videos of Jake Cuenca and the one with Phil & James Younghusband! =) had so much fun last thursday. thanks =)
    September 17, 2011 at 11:40 am    report abuse   
  • jhell
    can't wait for next year... :) hoping i can have a VIP pass... hehehehe
    September 17, 2011 at 09:14 am    report abuse   
  • feliciacia
    Spectacular show! Props to all the people who organized and made this show happen! Thank you so much Cosmo Philippines! :) As a request though, I just would like to ask if anyone could share a clear version of the video of the segment of the Brazilian Models in the Bash. I think that was the highlight of the entire night. Those Brazilians sure know how to party and make a night sizzle. Hope someone here could help and share. Thanks chicas! xoxox
    September 17, 2011 at 04:10 am    report abuse   
  • graceila24
    soooo much fun last night..thank u COSMO...got to have a pix with ms. ZO
    September 16, 2011 at 10:23 pm    report abuse   
  • danneda
    September 16, 2011 at 06:32 pm    report abuse   

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