One-On-One With AXN Cash Cab Host Oli Pettigrew
Cosmo.ph columnist Bianca Valerio sits down with the hot actor and host, who reveals a sharp sense of humor and a super-sweet side that will have you sighing.
Posted on September 22, 2012
by Bianca Valerio, model, make-up artist, image consultant, and TV host

Oli PettigrewWhen it comes to celebrities, the idea of finding a devoted male partner seems impossible, given that the most beautiful people in the world surround them.

Temptation is more blatant, if you will. They are even encouraged to refrain from admitting their involvement in any kind of romantic relationship as this supposedly “lessens” their market value amongst the singles that are wishing and hoping.

Until this lad came along and proved that the words fame, love, and loyalty can actually make for a successful threesome--and we mean the kind where everyone turns out a winner! Just ask AXN's Cash Cab host, Oli Pettigrew

PROFESSION: Professional talker

BEST KNOWN FOR: Talking a lot on TV

YOU WISH YOU WERE KNOWN FOR: Talking even more on TV. Oftentimes, hosts or actors usually take on a persona, which is normally unlike who they truly are when the spotlights are off.

Share with us three surprising things people don't know about you.

I would totally disagree with the initial statement. To be a good host, you HAVE to be yourself. The audience isn't stupid. What you see of me onscreen is exactly what you get. The biggest compliments I have ever received have been when people tell me, "You're just like you are on TV"; it means I am doing my job right. However, a lot of people don't seem to know that:

1. I'm married to Linda Black (TV host for HBO).

2. That I have 2 kids (Ewan and Tia…. and yes I know what ewan means in the Philippines).

3. That I have tattoos for both my kids (ambigrams of their names).

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