10 Things You Don't Know About Taylor Lautner

One glimpse of those gorgeous abs, and now we can’t get enough of New Moon's teen boy-slash-werewolf!
by Cheekie Albay
Move over, Robert Pattinson! Taylor Lautner’s abs totally owned the latest installment of the Twilight saga, New Moon. They practically deserve major billing, along with the three main leads. If you want to know the hunky actor who plays Jacob Black beyond his chiseled jaw and solid six-pack, read our roundup of 10 fun trivia about the 17-year-old star!

1. Taylor confesses that before he snagged the role of Jacob, he had never even heard of Twilight! “I actually wasn’t much of a book reader at all before the ‘Twilight’ series,” he tells Vanity Fair.

2. Taylor is a major sports buff. “I started doing martial arts when I was 6 and I did it until I was 13. My karate instructor was involved in [show] business and he kind of took me into the business. Whenever I would come out to L.A. to train for karate with him, I would go out on auditions, and eventually I realized that I like acting more. So I gave up karate for acting, and now I’m very glad I made that choice.” Other sports he’s into are football, baseball, wrestling, and basketball.

3. On top of all those sports, he’s got another hidden talent: catching grapes thrown from a distance with his mouth. See him demonstrate it on The Tonight Show With Conan O’Brien.[nextpage]

4. Like his character Jacob, Taylor has some Native American blood running through his veins. “I'm French, Dutch and German, and on my mother's side, she has some Potawatomi and Ottawa Indian in her,” he tells MTV.

5. He actually gained 30 pounds to play brawny Jacob in New Moon, he tells Access Hollywood. “I always had to be putting something in my mouth every two hours.” We concur—all that munching certainly paid off! Here’s more proof: Taylor in a wet T-shirt on the cover of Rolling Stone.

6. The teen star's craziest fan experience took place in Brazil. While he and co-star Kristen Stewart were doing interviews to promote New Moon at their hotel, they were told that an overwhelming army of girls had gotten past security and rushed into the hotel lobby! "That was the only time I've actually felt in danger," Taylor tells Conan.

7. But rabid adolescent girls aren’t the only ones who go mad for Taylor. He tells Jay Leno that a mother once approached him at an autograph signing session and asked him to sign her Team Taylor panties. “Our Twilight moms are passionate,” he says.

8. His favorite Jacob line in the whole Twilight series is "Does my half being naked bother you?". It certainly doesn’t bother us one bit!

9. His favorite book in the Twilight series is Eclipse. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he shares his favorite scene from Eclipse, which they’ve already finished filming: the tent scene where Bella is freezing and Edward has no choice but to let Jacob keep her warm. “She's cold and I'm hot, so [since vampires are cold], are you going to let me crawl in the sleeping bag with her, or are you just going to let her die?”

10. If R-pattz lists UGG boots as the female fashion trend he doesn’t get, Taylor says it’s leg warmers—especially when it’s 90 degrees out.
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