Anne Curtis Went All ~*Extra*~ For Gong Yoo's Birthday

Anything for her main oppa!
by Jacinda A. Lopez

Today marks Korean superstar Gong Yoo's 38th birthday (39 if you're celebrating in Korea). And Anne Curtis, one of Gong Yoo's biggest Pinay fans, went all ~*extra*~ to celebrate her main oppa's special day.

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She started off the day with a heartfelt appreciation post for the birthday boy. Promising to remain his fan even when she becomes a wife and mom (WOW), Anne wrote:

"Happy Happy Birthday to my main OPPA! I wish you happiness, less loneliness, and freedom of that feeling of having a sword inside your heart. You have gained the biggest fan in me! Even when I become a wife and mum, I'll always be here to support your movies, K-dramas, and fan meets! Saranghaeyo Gong Yoo! I love YOO! 

P.S. If you're still looking for someone to pull out that sword from your heart…I'm just here."

But Anne being Anne took her fangirling a notch higher by wearing a 'lil something special for Gong Yoo. As seen on her real-life fiancé Erwan Heussaff’s IG Stories, here's Anne literally wearing her love for the actor:

But hey, should we expect any less from the girl who flew all the way to Hong Kong to attend his fan meet? #truelove

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