PHOTOS: Erich Gonzales Is All Smiles On Her California Vacay

Girl definitely deserves that break!
by Jacinda A. Lopez
Comment Erich Gonzales Is All Smiles On Her California Vacay

There's no doubt it's been one hell of a month for Erich Gonzales. After her controversial breakup with boyfriend Daniel Matsunaga and a word war with him and his sister Vanessa Matsunaga, she had to fly off to California to fulfill artista duties via a two-night concert series with her ex, no less.

But all of that drama is over and done. Erich extended her stay in Cali for her much-needed break from ~everything~. Erich, along with some friends, first toured the Laguna Beach shores:

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She then went on a Warner Brothers Studio tour, visiting the Central Perk set from Friends and the café where Emma Stone worked at in La La Land.


A trip to Los Angeles is not complete without a 'gram at the Urban Light installation:

Erich then checked off skydiving on her bucket list during an adrenaline-filled adventure in San Diego!

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