The Many Roles Of Angel Aquino

Three-time Cosmo cover girl Angel Aquino reflects on her evolution from a fun, fabulous F host to being Us Girls’ resident ate to Iya and Megan.
by Sharline Bareng

After two fabulous lifestyle programs, many movies, and a host of TV acting gigs, Angel Aquino remains one of the nicest artistas anyone will ever have the pleasure of meeting. The actress, host, model, and mother of two told Cosmo about the thrills of being a former F girl (along with Cher Calvin and Daphne Osena-Paez) to becoming an ate to her new co-hosts in Us Girls.

How different is it working with Us Girls now from F Girls before?

I’m still doing the same thing just like what we did in F back then. It’s nice though ‘cause I’m with younger girls and they kind of look up to me. Before, I’d look up to Daphne and Cher because I didn’t know anything about style. That side of the world was just a stranger to me. When I got to be with Daphne and Cher, [since] they knew about fashion and style, a bit of that rubbed off on me, and now I’m able to be the “Daphne” to Iya Villania and Megan Young. F helped me with my live hosting career and all the other things I’m doing now.

Back then, I felt that I was [the youngest]—not in terms of age, but in terms of what I knew. I had the least knowledge. Meanwhile, in Us Girls, I’m more of the ate, I’m the one they consult when it comes to fashion, and most especially career and work.

What can you say about how your former F co-hosts turned out after your hosting stint together?

I’ve always looked up to these two, I just knew that they were good at what they do. Actually, when Cher first told us that she was going out there, that she was going to pursue a career, I felt really proud of her already. We knew that we were going to lose a sister, but I knew that it was something that she always wanted to do.

Every time I think about my life, I think about Daphne. I’m just amazed at what she’s made of herself, ‘di ba? Her show Urban Zone, her linens, her jewelry business--she did it all on her own. I’m really, really proud of her, and I keep saying, “When I grow up, I will be Daphne.”

Do you plan on making more indie films?

I would love to do more movies, it’s just that it depends on the material. I’m very particular with that and the people I’d work with. I’m always waiting for good material to come my way. That’s when I give my yes—but yes, I’d love to do more movies. It’s just a different genre altogether, it’s more challenging, it has more depth, and it brings so much out of you.

How do you unwind?

I go to the spa, especially when it’s time for me to go home and traffic is really bad. If I go home now, or later, it’ll take me the same time to get home. I’d go to the spa na lang and get a massage. It’s so amazing that you can get your nails done in The Spa when you don’t have much time for a massage.

What are you like when you’re in love?

Just like everyone else, all of a sudden I give up so many things just to spend time with that person. You’re just addicted to the person, you just want to be with him. For the first weeks or months, it’s just like that. It slows down a little bit, but the addiction and excitement is still there. That’s how I am—I get so addicted to that person.

Do you have any specific career wishes for your daughters?

I just wish for them a good life, I just want them to enjoy their lives. I don’t know, I’m not that type of a mother. I try to envision them being professionals, anything they want, as long as they’ll be happy. In all sincerity, they can be anything they want to be. I can see that they like my work, but I don’t think they want to go there. I can very well see that they want to follow their own path. They don’t want to be just the daughters of Angel Aquino and that’s what I admire about them.

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