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Isabelle Daza And Adriene Semblat's Wedding Vows Are Absolutely Beautiful

Watch their emotional wedding video here.
PHOTO: Bob Nicolas Wedding Films
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Here are snippets of Isabelle and Adrien’s beautiful wedding vows:


"Adrien, I love everything about you–everything I know about you and everything I don’t know.

You make me love my life. And these past few months were very hard for me. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders, and everybody kept saying ‘Have faith’ but it was so difficult when I lost my dad. But I knew that God still loved me 'cause he gave me you."


"Your heart is the most beautiful part of you. You have the power to spread love around you. I feel it every day in every little attention you consistently give to me and I wanna feel it forever.

I knew quite early you would be the one. The first time I saw you my heart whispered, 'She's the one.'"

In this exclusive Bob Nicholas wedding film, we’re given a glimpse of the intimate and emotional wedding ceremony of the couple. Watch it here:

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