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What Cindy Crawford Does To Make 51 Look 31

#1: She starts her day with a cup of green tea.
PHOTO: Instagram/cindycrawford

Cindy Crawford was photographed on a family vacay in St. Barts a few weeks ago, and we're pretty sure the entire world had the same thought: How in the world does the 51-year-old modeling icon still look just as runway-ready as she did in the '90s?!?

Turns out, Crawford's healthy living secrets are the tired-and-true healthy living secrets we've been hearing all along.

She Always Starts Her Day With a Cup of Green Tea

Before she can enjoy breakfast, Crawford must have a mug of green tea.

"I like green tea. I'm a green tea person," she told ELLE in 2015. "I feel good with it. My body wants that every morning."

Once she's set with her caffeine kick, it's on to a healthy-and-filling breakfast.

"It's really important to start the day out right. It's very easy to control what you eat for breakfast, for the most part, if you're home. If you start with a good foundations it sets you up well," she told ELLE. "I start out with a protein shake. That gets me through with very even energy."

She Packs Her Lunch With Protein

She has previously mentioned her affinity for chocolate (right when you thought you couldn't love her more), but she has a genius trick to limit her cocoa cravings: "At the end of lunch, I always have a small piece of dark chocolate—it tells my body that I'm done with my meal. In my experience, if you're craving something and deny yourself, you wind up eating five other things, and then you eat the thing you're craving anyway," she told Allure.

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She Snacks to Keep Her Energy Up

"I have a small snack in the afternoon: almonds, an apple and a slice of cheese, or hummus with celery. It is always protein-heavy," she told Allure. "I'm obsessed with having food in my bag. I hate the idea that I'll get hungry and there will only be bad options around. I usually have almonds, San-J Tamari crackers, maybe Urban Remedy [gluten-free] brownies."

She Makes Sure the Whole Family Is Present for Dinner

The Gerber clan is spread out across various activities all day long, so Crawford makes sure they always eat dinner together as a family. And while her husband, Rande Gerber and kids, Presley and Kaia, don't stick to the same rigid meal plan as the supermodel, Crawford doesn't let that derail her diet.

"I like to eat with my family and they like pasta, of course, so I'll just have the turkey meatballs on a bed of raw spinach. Or I'll make salmon and mashed potatoes and asparagus and skip the mashed potatoes," she told ELLE. "The more you eat healthy, the more you want to do it because you feel better."

She Wants to be a Good Role Model for Her Daughter

Talk about a mini me: Not only do Crawford and her 15-year-old daughter look crazy similar (talk about good genes!), but Kaia followed in her mom's footsteps and became a model.

She Balances Training in the Gym With Outdoor Activities

Even Crawford has those days where she just doesn't feel like going to the gym. But having a scheduled regimen ensures that she stays motivated to continue to look—and feel—her best.

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So does that mean if we choose to follow simple healthy habits, we can age as gracefully as the iconic supermodel? We're SO in!


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