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Clinic Where Businesswoman Died During Plastic Surgery Has No DOH Clearance

It's been shut down for now.

Icon Clinic, where 29-year-old businesswoman Shiryl Saturnino died while undergoing cosmetic surgery last week, was shut down on Wednesday, March 29.

Saturnino was reported to have undergone breast augmentation, liposuction, and butt surgery.

"Mandaluyong City mayor Menchie Abalos ordered Icon Clinic to stop operating while the investigation of the death of Shiryl Saturnino is ongoing," reports Non Alquitran in the Philippine Star.

The report notes: "Jimmy Isidro, city public information officer, the Department of Health (DOH), and the city government inspected the clinic and found that it did not have a DOH clearance and violated several procedures. The city government is also checking the business and other permits of the clinic."

Meanwhile, the lawyer representing Dr. Jose Jovito Mendiola and Dr. Samuel Eric Yapjuangco, who both performed the surgery on Saturnino, asked for "a five-day grace period to submit their statements to police investigators."