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UK Couple Who Were Born On Same Day At Same Hospital Get Married 50 Years Later

Better than the movies!
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If UK couple James Hodges and Alison Blackwell's love story became a movie, it should be called Serendipity Reloaded.

"The two were born on the same day at the Berkeley Hospital in Gloucestershire on February 3, 1967. They were also in the same class at Cam Hopton Primary School in the town of Dursley. They only lost contact after James moved to another school when he turned eight," reveals Metro.

The report added: "James and Alison occasionally bumped into each other a few times over the years, politely saying hello. Alison got married when she was 21, had two kids, but got divorced 10 years later."

In 2012, when they were both 45, James and Alison reconnected via Friends Reunited, an online database that aims to help trace old school friends and organize reunions.

James was quoted as saying, "I just remembered her really kind smile. That always stayed with me."

Thus, James broke the ice by asking Alison the date of her birthday. And they took it from there, so to speak. They were amazed to discover that they had also been born in the very same hospital.

James popped the question in 2015. They had a long engagement, as they just got married last month.

We can imagine just how cool it is when people ask them how they met. They say, "On the day we were born."