How Much Emma Watson Earned Upfront For 'Beauty And The Beast'

But that's not all she's getting.
by Ysa Singson

If you grew up watching Julia Robert's movies, then you know she was a box-office legend. It's probably why she was able to demand a $20 million (or P1,002,500,000) salary for her Oscar-winning performance in Erin Brockovich. But things have changed since then; having a Hollywood A-lister as the lead of a movie is no longer a guarantee of its success.

And Disney knows that, which is why you might be shocked to find out that Emma Watson was reportedly only paid $3 million upfront for her role as Belle in the recent Beauty and the Beast remake. We know…$3 million is no joke, but it is still comparatively small, especially for a Disney movie.

Don't feel too bad for her, though. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emma's final pay "will escalate to $15 million if the film's final haul is similar to Maleficent's $759 million worldwide gross, as is expected."

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A lawyer of a client in one of Disney's upcoming films disclosed, "They are cheap with everyone." An agent of an actor in a previous live-action film added, "Disney has the luxury to not have to put a star there."

Beauty and the Beast topped this weekend's box office with a debut of $170 million in the U.S. alone. Just Jared reported, "It set a bunch of new records, including the biggest domestic debut ever for a PG title and the top March opening of all time."

So it's safe to say that things are looking good for our girl. <3

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