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A Mouthful of Fancy Food (Names)

Fancy food names and an even fancier gift from the Dutch to humans.

Let's say you're on a dinner date with a guy who might just have been the inspiration for the "20 Signs He's a Keeper" article you've read last week. Naturally, you want him to be just as impressed by you.

Then here comes the menu. He ordered quinoa and said it real well, too. You want to call for gnocchi but you're unsure whether to make it sound like "Loki" or "meow chi". Uh-oh.

Of course, hitting it off with Mr. Promising has a lot more to it other than rolling ten-dollar words off your tongue, but this is just one reason why pronouncing certain fancy syllables has its merits.

That's why we came up with a few pointers on how to say those weird-looking words we usually find on upscale menus. If your lifestyle entails frequent dinners with more sophisticated social circles, this will often come in handy. We threw in some short descriptions as well, because being impressive by correctly saying chipotle (chi-powt-lay) would do you no good if it turns out that you hate spicy food.

Bruschetta. Take some roasted bread, garlic, olive oil, onions, and tomato, and you have yourself a "broo-sket-ah."

Foie gras. You probably know it's a duck/goose liver delicacy, but maybe you didn't know you should say it as "fwah grah."

Bouillabaisse. Don't be intimidated by how it looks. This Mediterranean seafood soup is easier ordered than written. Just say "boo-yah-base."

Gyro. Surprised? It's not "gee ro" nor "jai ro". This Greek dish of roasted meat and tomato sandwiched in pita bread is actually pronounced "yee-roh."

Spekulaas. This traditional Dutch cookie is pronounced as "speak-you-lass". However, if you want a more foolproof approach, just call it "speck-u-loose". Speculoos might be more familiar to you as a sweet spread, or as Nestlé Temptations Dutch Speculoos flavored ice cream.

Imagine tempting speculoos-flavored ice cream laced with cookie butter ripples and cookie bits. Your tongue would love saying it, but not as much as tasting. So while it might take some time to get comfy with all these words, the few minutes spent learning them would be so worth it. Pretty soon you'll get to order them with confidence, and you'll enjoy every bite you take,too.