Flirting Impaired

Always chickening out when you're just inches away from your crush? Our quickie blogger's latest revelation shows that you're not alone.
by Cereb Gregorio
Comment Impaired


His name’s Christian, the first boy I couldn’t talk to. He was a precocious little boy with thick, horn-rimmed glasses and all the teachers loved him. I liked him a lot, too. We belonged to the same nursery class, but I’d always get dropped off in school before he did, so I made a habit out of watching him enter the school gates from a solitary swing in the playground.

Christian would try to talk to me, and I’d run away every single time. Slighted by my reaction to his attempts at friendship, he went to one of our teachers and told on me. I was sitting on the floor when the teacher, holding Christian’s hand in hers, slowly approached me. Before they could close the distance between us, I ran away, hid under a table, and screamed bloody murder when the teacher tried to fish me out. I was about 3 then, and on some level, you could still call it cute.

Now, it’s embarrassing. I’m all of 25, and most of the time, I still can’t talk to the guys I like. As soon as I see my office crush, I freeze, get tongue-tied, and, eventually, manage to gather my bearings enough to flash a stupid smile as he passes by. The Cosmo team notices it, too. We’d all be having lunch in the pantry, and I’d be so animated one minute, then completely silent the next, because office crush happened to walk by our table on his way to the water dispenser. Even worse, the team I belong to seems to enjoy seeing me cringe, so they’d engage office crush in conversation, while I stare at my packed lunch and pretend it’s the most interesting dish in the world. Sooo un-Cosmo.
I truly admire girls who have guys wrapped around their little finger with their feminine wiles and mad flirting skills. You know who I'm talking about. Girls who get guys to do whatever they want with a sexy hair toss or a coy giggle are the bees' knees. I know some girls who are like that, and I love watching them in action. They saunter into the room like a willowy fairy knowing they got it going on, and you can see all the guys straining to look in their general direction without being too obvious about it. Then, they'd situate themselves in a visible area, pretend to fuss over something (a cellphone, a book, or a spacious handbag), and wait until girl or guy friends approach them. Once they're surrounded, they proceed to tell a story punctuated with graceful hand gestures and cute bursts of subdued laughter, while a seemingly interested audience looks on. Next thing you know, all the other guys are asking who she is and whether she's available. They're that good.

One of my bestfriends, who was also my roommate in college, just happens to be one of those girls. She's so good at it that she might as well write a book. I asked her for tips to help out this flirting-impaired friend, and she said it's really all about confidence. Even if you're not entirely sure of yourself, you should always act like you are. Don't clue them in on your insecurities because those issues are yours to deal with and subdue.

When you walk into a room, know that there’s something you have that no other girl in there has. Once you’re able to condition yourself and master this instantly sexify-ing move, boys will come a-running. In my heart of hearts, I really do believe her. Girl’s got hot dudes flying across continents to be at her beck and call. How can she be wrong?
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