7 Tips To Help Your Guy Dress Better

If your man’s signature look consists of an unwashed shirt and ratty jeans, it’s time to intervene! Carson Kressley of Queer Eye fame dishes tips.
by Elizabeth Kuster

As the host of American TV program How To Look Good Naked and the resident fashionista on the now-defunct hit TV show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Carson Kressley has learned a thing or two about how to get taste-challenged guys to revamp their looks. “It’s not about giving him a head-to-toe makeover,” says Carson, who wrote also wrote the fashion guidebook Off the Cuff. “It’s about downplaying his flaws and bringing out his strong points, so he feels good in his own skin.” Here, some tips you may be able to use on your beau. Read on!

Change Is Good

Carson says guys tend to fall into one of two camps: those who overdo it and those who don’t do anything. “Overdoers resemble backup dancers for Shakira,” he says. “They look like they’re trying too hard, which is as painful in fashion as it is in dating.”

Most guys, though, fall into the other category: They find a style that’s safe--probably their frat-boy look from school--and never change it. “I call it Rip Van Winkle syndrome,” says Carson. “It’s boring and dated. Girls follow the ‘If you haven’t worn it in a year, throw it out’ rule; these guys are like ‘I just got it four years ago!’”

But it’s not really their fault, says Carson. “Guys’ best friends never say, ‘Bob, those jeans make your ass look huge.’ So it’s your duty to educate your guy. Remember: Dress a man and he looks good for a day. Teach a man how to dress and he looks good for life.” Carson’s sneaky tricks:

Start small. “Break him in slowly by buying him a new accessory he wouldn’t normally wear, such as a cool watch or graphic tie. Nothing too crazy; you’re just getting him used to the idea of change.”

Begin brainwashing him. “If you’re out with your boyfriend and you see a guy whose butt looks really good, say ‘Wow, I love that guy’s jeans! They’d look so great on you.’ Right away you’ve established that (1) other guys are wearing them, so they must be okay, and (2) you think they’re hot.”

Act fast. “Before that brain cell is replaced by a sports statistic, buy the jeans for your guy and make him try them on.”

Use positive reinforcement. “Immediately tell him how hot he looks. Guys are like puppies: They respond well to praise. Sex, of course, is the ultimate positive reinforcement. Ripping off his new clothes and doing it right there in the mall parking lot will probably be enough to make him go, ‘Change is good.’ You can also bribe your friends to come over and gush about how cute he looks.”

When all else fails, barter. “If after all this he still won’t go shopping with you, make him an offer he can’t refuse. Say ‘If you come with me to the mall today, I’ll let you go to the next boys’ night out, no questions asked.’”

Hold your ground. “He may say something like ‘Baby, don’t you love me as I am?’ Don’t let it get to you. When it comes to style, there’s absolutely no such thing as too-high expectations. I mean, if you shoot for mediocrity, where’s that going to get you? Besides, think of the payoff: When he looks great, he feels confident, which in turn makes him more fun, sexy, and successful. It’s win-win!”

Know when to stop. “There are things you can never change, such as his underwear preference. They’d rather tear off their fingernails with pliers than change it.”

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