Chic Party Girls Reveal How They FLIRT With Guys

At a party in Eastwood, we tried to find out how your stylish Cosmo girlfriends catch men's attention. Go, compare notes!
by Mica Yu
Comment Party Girls Reveal How They FLIRT With Guys

Guys are arguably the ones who always make the first move, right? But, let's admit it, most of them won't even dare without the slightest hint of encouragement from us women. Sometimes, it's up to us girls to use our naughty little tricks to get their attention--especially if the guy we really like happens to be torpe.

So, Cosmo hit the party scene in Manor at Eastwood to observe how clubbers, particularly members of the UP Delta Lambda Sorority who hosted an event called "Smitten" there, flirt with guys they like. Actually, we did more than observe (although that's what we did to their outfits, at first); we asked them point-blank.

Launch the gallery to know how these girls' come-hither moves and fab party outfits. Share your flirting style with us when you comment!

Mica Yu
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