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Ruffa Gutierrez Goes For Timeless Accessories

The star is famed for her love for jewelry. But they need not be expensive, as long as they're elegant.
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Ruffa Gutierrez is one of the most fashionable divas in the world of showbiz--and we mean that in a really good way. Being an ever in-demand talk show host, TV star, and endorser, Ruffa has made it a point to always evolve when it comes to style, and to make sure she always looks her best when she appears in front of the camera. It's no wonder a lot of fashionistas covet everything she has on--from her clothes and shoes to bags and accessories--all of which show her sosi yet sassy and wearable style.

One of the brands she endorses is Avon Fashions, particularly their line of jewelry and accessories. Contrary to rumors that Ruffa would never wear anything that has a price tag with at least four or five digits, she in fact wears Avon accessories when hosting on TV. Avon is pleased to learn this, of course, and is more than happy about choosing Ruffa, whom they think epitomizes a woman of class and sophistication, regardless of the price tag of what she wears.

Avon Fashions recently unveiled their Holiday Collection, which includes an affordable, chic, and classic jewelry and accessories line that will go perfectly with your glam outfits to countless Christmas parties in the coming weeks. They also make great gifts for your mom, sister, best friend, or close colleagues. And Ruffa was also spotted sporting these, showing the rest of us that you can achieve an elegant and stylish look without having to spend so much.

To get classy accessory inspirations for the holidays from Ruffa and Avon, check out our gallery.