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I took the biggest leap and it paid off—I *love* the probinsya life.
The advisory followed Pres. Rodrigo Duterte's announcement that Metro Manila will be put on community quarantine.
This is an *important* question that came up after the president's speech.
They got tested after experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus disease in Australia.
After the New York conviction, the former Hollywood producer will face charges in Los Angeles.
A pandemic is described as the 'worldwide spread of a new disease.'
It's one of the latest events affected by the coronavirus disease outbreak.
The city also suspended the CARAA Games and the popular night market.
Pres. Rodrigo Duterte has also signed a proclamation declaring a state of public health emergency.
So far, there haven't been any reports of new confirmed infections in the Philippines.
To conduct the study, researchers cleaned surfaces twice a day and floors once a day.