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5 Self-Care Habits You Can Do At Home To Stay *Fresh*

Skincare and good hygiene still matter!
April 02, 2020
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When you’re stuck at home for an extended period of time, it can be a struggle to keep up your self-care routine. Between work, household chores, and binge-watching K-dramas, it seems like the days just blend into each other. Then, before you know it, you’ve lost track of everything, so now you’re breaking out and, as a result, freaking out!

But! Before you do, take a deep breath. First of all: Same, girl. But second, and more important: You can totally do something about it.

Being stuck at home is no reason to neglect yourself, and it’s still just as important as ever to stay fresh and feel clean. Also, you want to look your best when you finally get to step out of the house, so consider this as an opportunity to take even better care of yourself. Here are a couple of ways to do it, so you come out looking super fresh:

Switch to a no-makeup skincare routine.
Now that you're mostly indoors, this might be your opportunity to stay au naturel all day. That said, suddenly going makeup-free can lead to breakouts. But don’t just go back to wearing makeup; your skin will most likely adjust on its own. Try to stick to an appropriate skincare routine: Wash your face twice daily and exfoliate. And if you’ve been wanting to try different face masks, now’s a good time to experiment, too.

Let your hair rest by going natural.
Yes, your hair could also benefit from a breather. Let your hair down (and keep it down) when you’re at home so there isn’t anything pulling at your hair shaft. Make it a point to wash your hair properly and keep it clean and fresh with regular shampoo and conditioner. And if you can help it, steer clear of your hairdryer or any styling products for now.

Work on your smile by stepping up your oral freshness game.
No more excuses! Brush your teeth thoroughly, three times a day—no less—so you take extra care of them. If you can keep this up, you may just have a brighter, fresher set of pearly whites when you finally get to go out.

Keep exercising so you can keep glowing.
More time at home means more time to keep working on your fitness! Make yourself a home workout routine and stick to it. This doesn't just help tone your body—it also helps you achieve a fresh look, because the oils produced by your skin when you exercise can act as a natural moisturizer. Exercise also helps you reduce stress, which lessens the likelihood of a breakout. That said, because you'll be breaking a sweat in your own home, it pays to be extra mindful of your personal care and hygiene. Shower regularly, apply deodorant, and clean up after yourself the way you would when working out at a gym.

Speaking of which: Yes, deodorant still matters.
You probably think it’s better to go natural for your underarms to keep them smooth and even. But you shouldn't shun deodorant from your daily self-care routine entirely—just be sure to pick the kind that takes care of your underarms, too.

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