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7 Simple Ways To Look Fresh With Long Hair, As Seen On Anne Curtis

Hair so soft like you had a Brazilian Blowout? YAS!
February 22, 2019
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Having long hair often means having more bad hair days—from big, unruly tresses to flat, greasy locks. But there are ways to tame and style your long hair to look fresh. Below, take some hair inspo from Anne Curtis, who has such an effortless vibe while still looking A+.

1. Top your look off with a beret.

A beret is a chic, timeless accessory that highlights your hair’s length and frames your face. Try wearing it like Anne: Tuck one side of your hair behind your ear and let the rest naturally fall over your shoulders. This is also an easy way to amp up your OOTD.

2. Try soft, natural-looking waves.

Want beachy waves, but your hair refuses to hold a curl? You can still achieve subtle, low-maintenance waves by going to bed with your hair twisted around foam curlers. The curls will look poofy in the morning, but they’ll look softer in minutes.

3. Add a bit of sparkle.

Hair accessories are super trendy right now, and nothing makes a glam statement like a sparkly headband. Not only does it brighten up your face, it also adds shimmer and sophistication to a simple, understated look.

4. Sport a sleek ponytail.

Look classy and edgy at the same time by tying your hair into a high ponytail. Make sure it’s sleek by using a smoothing brush to comb out frizz and flyaways; tame any loose strands with some hairspray.

5. Get full bangs.

Getting a fringe is an easy way to frame your face. Anne’s bangs draw us to her eyes and cheekbones and soften her chin and her jaw, adding a delicate touch to the rest of her features.

6. Tie your hair with a ribbon.

A satin scarf has a flirty, playful appeal. Take notes from Anne and tie a brightly colored one around your ponytail. Wear it to brunch with your friends or on a date with your BF—they’ll love the ultra-feminine touch to your look.

7. Let your tendrils hang loose.

A few loose strands can look super effortless and laid-back—perfect for casual OOTDs. Just tie your hair into an easy ponytail and let some strands down from the top of your head to frame your face.

To help you style your hair into any of these looks, keep your tresses soft and smooth by using Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner. It has a pro-vitamin formula to help hydrate your hair and protect strands against frizz-causing humidity—easy to fool people into thinking you just got a Brazilian Blowout.

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