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How To Pose In Beach Photos, According To Patrice Averilla

She really knows how to ~work~ it!
by Cheska Santiago
September 13, 2020
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If you scroll through Patrice Averilla's (@avelovin) Instagram profile, you'll notice that she is a total ~*beach babe*~! Her grid is littered with photos of picturesque destinations that rack up thousands of likes per post. All of them have one thing in common: Patrice just ~working it~ and being the true focal point of her pictures. We must say, this makes her a pro at posing. If you're in need of some double tap-worthy inspo for your next beach trip when things are safe again, take notes from her grid. Below, check out her best ones:

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  1. The classic "candid" pose always works, TBH.

  2. The "casually chilling by the poolside" is a no-fail pose!

  3. Posing with your back facing towards the camera is simple but almost always guarantees a picturesque result.

  4. Show off your tanned skin by laying down by the sand. Bonus: It will make your torso and legs look extra long. ;)

  5. Splashing water towards your (hopefully waterproof) camera always makes for a great ~action~ shot.

  6. Want to score a mysterious, cool-girl vibe? Stare off into the distance with a ~pensive~ look on your face.

  7. Sometimes, you don't have to be *totally* seen to get a cute photo. Case in point: Patrice covering her face with a straw hat.

  8. Taking your picture from below is a no-fail hack at making your booty look extra big! ;)

  9. We love how the blue waters contrast beautifully against Patrice's tanned skin.

  10. The right timing and angle make all the difference in scoring that *perfect*, double tap-worthy photo.

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