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The Best At-Home Hair Removal Products For Your Bikini Line

Try these if you want to skip expensive waxing appointments.
by Astrud Bernales
February 26, 2023
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Before anything else, here’s your reminder that whatever you do with your body hair is your business. Whether you prefer stripping your bikini area bare or letting your bush grow wild and free, no one should tell you what and what not to do with your body. 

That said, if removing body hair in your bikini area makes you feel good and comfortable, there are ways to do it safely and conveniently at home. With the right product and method, you should be able to take care of your business without breaking your wallet for a regular appointment at the waxing salon. Read on to learn how to prep your bikini area for hair removal, plus recos on the best products you can use to say goodbye to hair down there.

How To Prep Your Bikini Area For Hair Removal

Before we give recos for the best at-home hair removal products for your bikini line, it’s important that we discuss how to prep for the process. This is to help you get the smoothest results minus the risks of irritation. No one wants red, itchy bumps, especially in the privates. 

Make sure to do the following before shaving or waxing your bikini area:

  1. Give yourself a trim

    If the strands are too long, chances are they would get stuck in between the blades of your razor, or wax won’t be able to grip them for a clean pull. Before going at it with a shaver or wax strip, trim the hair to a manageable length of one-fourth to three-fourths of an inch. Don’t forget to use clean, sanitized scissors to avoid infections should you give yourself a nick.

  2. Exfoliate before hair removal

    Exfoliating helps buff away dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin. If you skip this important step before proceeding with body hair removal, these nasty things will likely get pushed back into your skin, leading to all sorts of trouble like ingrown hair or acne. Yikes!

  3. Always apply shaving cream

    Skipping the shaving cream or gel before shaving will not just give you a patchy shave, but it can also cause razor burns or rashes. If you don’t have shaving cream at home, your next bet is to pat a bit of hair conditioner to the area you’re going to shave just to help the blade glide smoothly over your skin. Never ever dry shave, ladies. 

  4. Prep post-care products

    Regardless of your preferred method, removing body hair causes trauma to the skin. To help it heal in no time, it’s best to have post-care products on hand. Use an appropriate aftercare gel or oil to nourish and soothe the skin after shaving or waxing. You’ll also want to wear clean, comfortable cotton underwear to let your skin breathe and avoid irritation.

Best At-Home Hair Removal Products For Your Bikini Line

  1. Best budget-friendly shaving option: Watsons Ladies Bikini Disposable Razors

    For ladies looking for a fuss-free shave that won’t break the bank, there’s nothing wrong with going for the good ol’ disposable razor. This one from Watsons comes with a small head specifically designed to remove the hair at every nook and cranny of your downstairs department. It also comes with a lube strip containing aloe vera extracts to give you a smooth shave without irritating the skin.

    Watsons Ladies Bikini Disposable Razors, P99, Watsons

  2. Best razor for an easy close shave: Gillette Venus Spa Razor

    This razor for women comes with three blades for the closest shave of your life. It even comes with gel bars that lather upon exposure to water for smooth, velvety post-shave results. Perfect for those emergency situations when you need to remove hair stat but don’t have access to shaving cream. When you’re done, you can dispose of the head and replace it with a new cartridge, meaning you won’t have to deal with the cleaning process every time.

    Gillette Venus Spa Razor, P467, Shopee

  3. Best electric shaver for the bikini area: Philips Essential Bikini Trimmer

    Looking for an upgrade to your standard razor? Give electric trimmers a try! This nifty device from Philips gives you the option to go for a standard trim or a full-on shave, whichever one you prefer. It features click-on combs that let you decide how long or short you want to keep your body hair, and rounded tips to protect your skin from nicks and cuts. It’s also battery-operated, making it convenient for use anywhere.

    Philips Essential Bikini Trimmer, P2,516, Lazada

  4. Best bikini line epilator: Braun Silk-épil 3 Epilator

    In case you haven’t tried one yet, an epilator is a device that removes unwanted body hair from the roots. It does this by mechanically grasping multiple hairs at once and pulling them simultaneously. You’ll see what we’re talking about when you try this Braun epilator for your bikini area. Twenty tweezers are built into the device to efficiently pull out body hair and give long-lasting results. As a bonus, it also comes with massage rollers for an extra dose of comfort.

    Braun Silk-épil 3 Epilator, P4,595, Lazada

  5. Best all-around epilator: W Elite 5-in-1 Epilator Set

    If you’re looking for something that will do more than just remove unwanted hair down there, you might as well go for the W Elite 5-in-1 Epilator Set. With five interchangeable heads, you can easily switch from one task to another, from removing unwanted body hair to even calluses. The epilator also comes with a safety cap specifically designed to help you attend to your bikini area with care. 

    W Elite 5-in-1 Epilator Set, P4,699, Watsons

  6. Best for no-fuss at-home waxing: Veet Wax Strips with Easy Grip

    How to wax the bikini area with strips? Veet makes the process super easy with strips pre-applied with cold wax. All you need to do is take out a strip and rub it between your hands to warm up the product. Then, apply the strip onto the skin, rub it down, and pull it back in one swift motion. Since it grabs the hair by the roots, you’ll be able to enjoy being hair-free for weeks.

    Veet Wax Strips with Easy Grip, P344, Watsons

  7. Best waxing option for sensitive skin: Nanny Rose Honey Wax All-Natural Hair Remover

    If you have sensitive skin, your best bet at waxing is a product with natural ingredients. Enter: Nanny Rose Honey Wax All-Natural Hair Remover. Its short ingredient list of honey, sugar, and calamansi extract makes it ideal for use on the most delicate part of the skin, AKA your bikini area. You can apply it as is or pop it in the microwave for a hot wax sesh. The choice is totally up to you. 

    Nanny Rose Honey Wax All-Natural Hair Remover, P199, Watsons


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