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Bid Farewell to Your Puson with the Help of Belo Onda Coolwaves™Plus

The treatment will help you achieve your body goals!
March 09, 2022
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Filipino women tend to accumulate fat on their lower abdomen area, commonly referred to as the “puson.” Dr. Vicki Belo has observed in her 32 years of practice that even underweight models still have it. Although lifestyle factors like diet and exercise play a factor, the cause seems to be mostly genetic and hormonal (post pregnancy).

Belo’s newest ambassador Filipina-French actress/influencer Solenn Heussaff, who is known for her gorgeous figure, was not exempted from accumulating fat in the waist and back area after her pregnancy. She slowly worked on herself not to “bounce back” to her old body, but to forge a new sense of self. As a woman in her late thirties, Solenn observed that her metabolism wasn’t as fast as it used to be. While she exercised and maintained a healthy diet, she still had to deal with what she calls a “mama pouch,” loose skin, a few stretch marks, and pockets of fat.

“I know people out there are going to say, ‘Wala namang stretch mark ‘yon.’ [...] It doesn’t need to be super seen or not. If it’s something that I’m insecure about, or something I want to change, then [...] that’s my personal journey,“ declared Solenn.

To target her specific problem areas, Dr. Belo recommended Belo Onda Coolwaves™Plus. The non-invasive, body reshaping system uses selective microwaves called Coolwaves that target three main issues: fat tissues, cellulite, and skin laxity. The Coolwaves bypasses the top layer of skin with the right heat and targets fat cells at the right depth. This makes the procedure extra effective and painless for patients. Solenn observed that while she felt the heat, it wasn’t uncomfortable.

The mild frequency created by the microwave current destroys the fatty cell membrane and dissolves the fat. The “plus” part of the Onda Coolwaves carries the fat away through the lymphatic vessels to be excreted outside the body. The more superficial microwaves tighten loose skin and create new collagen and elastin for smoother, firmer skin in the tummy. While results like decreased fat and tighter, smoother skin can be seen after the second session, four sessions are required to see its full effect.

Since Onda Coolwaves™Plus destroys the fat cells themselves, the results are long-lasting. The human body stops producing new fat cells after adulthood which means the destroyed cells won’t be replaced—resulting in fewer fat cells forever.

There’s no shame in asking for professional help, especially when new phases in life mean new challenges. The journey for reshaping and restoring yourself isn’t taken alone–it really takes a village.

You may book an appointment by clicking here or calling 8819-BELO (2356).

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