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Woah! This Product Does 5 Things Your Mouth Will Thank You For

It’s a new toothpaste from Closeup!
July 22, 2020
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ICYDK, self-care doesn’t just mean indulging in a bubble bath or meditating after a long day. Something as simple as brushing your teeth can boost your mood too, especially when you use a toothpaste that hustles just as hard as you do. Closeup introduces a fresh way to brush our teeth with the newest All Around Fresh Toothpaste! It offers a cool experience to make brushing your teeth a refreshing self-care treat. Below are reasons you should check out this minty must-have:

1. It makes your breath smell fresh.

Need fresh breath? The Closeup All Around Fresh Toothpaste can be your pick-me-up as it gives off a minty menthol sensation that can help refresh your mouth. And that’s just the start!

2. It helps deeply clean your teeth.

Clean teeth play a major factor in maintaining fresh breath. When you brush your pearly whites with an all-around toothpaste, you lessen the chances of odor-producing bacteria building up in your mouth.

3. It helps protect your teeth from getting cavities.

Sometimes, we can’t help but give in to food cravings (Hint: Sweets!). But that’s okay, as long as we make it a habit to brush our teeth after eating. This toothpaste helps protect your chompers from cavities, a.k.a tooth decay. You see, cavity-causing bacteria feed on food stuck in between your teeth, especially sugary treats! It pays to have a toothpaste with fluoride to help strengthen your teeth and prevent tooth decay.

4. It works to fight bacteria.

Using an all-around toothpaste not only freshens your breath, but also helps fight bacteria through deep cleaning. It can elevate a simple, hygienic habit, like brushing your teeth, into a self-care activity worth indulging in. This Closeup toothpaste has zinc which helps fight up to 99 percent of bacteria and helps prevent plaque, tooth decay, and gum infection. It really does deep cleaning of teeth and gums for all-around care!

5. It helps lift plaque.

Imagine flashing a smile and finding out later that it wasn’t in tip-top shape! One of the most common culprits is plaque, otherwise known as the white gunk made of remaining buildup between your teeth and on your gums. Want to prevent that sticky situation from happening? Brush with the Closeup All Around Fresh Toothpaste which helps get rid of plaque with its deep-cleaning formula. Then, do some gentle flossing so you can get to where your toothbrush can’t reach. With fresh breath and clean teeth, you won’t have anything to worry about when flashing your pearly whites!

Show all around oral care for your teeth and get all around fresh breath with the NEW Closeup All Around Fresh Toothpaste. Shop it in leading supermarkets and groceries as well as online! For more details, Follow Closeup on Facebook.

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