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These New Feminine Washes Can Help You Deal With Your Most Common Bikini Area Concerns

From odor protection to brightening, these products have you covered!
April 16, 2021
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Odor, ingrown bumps, sweat, and dark singit—our bikini area has a lot to deal with and there’s nothing to be ashamed of! By bringing attention to these concerns, we can open the convo on how to better take care of our bikini area. One way to do it is by stocking on pH Care essentials. ICYDK, pH Care products now have pH Care OdorProTech™ to help provide better care for Pinays. You can choose from a wide range of feminine washes and wipes according to your needs. Below, pH Care items you can add to your cart ASAP:  

1. pH Care Daily Feminine Wash Natural Protection

Guava leaf extracts have antibacterial properties that protect skin from infection and inflammation. So, expect this guava-infused feminine wash to help fight bacteria buildup, relieve itchiness, and even prevent odor in your intimate area with its guava scent. 

2. pH Care Daily Feminine Wash Cooling Comfort

Whether you’ve been sitting on your desk for hours or just finished an intense workout, you could be feeling sticky and sweaty RN! This feminine wash can help you freshen up thanks to its *icy* cooling effect from its ActiveCool® technology and minty-fresh scent. 

3. pH Care Daily Feminine Wash Delicate White 

Here’s a feminine wash that can address dark singit! It has five botanical ingredients in its Advance Whitening Complex that help improve discoloration and brighten your bikini area for even skin. Plus, you’ll love its pampering fruity scent.

4. pH Care Daily Feminine Wash Floral Clean 

If you regularly shave or wax your pubic hair, chances are you’ve encountered small bumps and rough patches down there. You can help lessen the irritation by using this hydrating and moisturizing feminine wash. It helps keep your bikini area become soft and smooth with its dual hydrating moisturizers, on top of keeping your vulva clean. Plus, you’ll feel fresh with its floral fragrance. 

Bonus: pH Care Daily Feminine Wipes 

If you’re always on the go, make sure to bring feminine wipes with you! It offers a convenient way to freshen up and also aids in preventing odor. You can match it with your feminine wash by choosing from Natural Protection, Cooling Comfort, or Floral Clean

Need more tips on feminine care? Visit the pH Care website and shop their products via Shopee and Lazada. For more details, follow pH Care Philippines on Facebook and Instagram.

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