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10 Kilig Moments You Get When Wearing Your Hair Down

a.k.a. those times when that #LugayEffect worked its ~*magic*~
February 16, 2017
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Sometimes, you just can't deal with all your frizzy split ends, and you're left with no choice but to tie your hair up in a bun. Those splurges on rebonding sessions or coloring your hair eventually haunt you, and you just want to hide the evidence of your hair crimes.

On the flip side, though, there are also those #Blessed times when your locks look so lovely, and you enjoy a so-called, "Lugay Effect" where you just let your hair down and let it do the talking. Simply put, your hair gives you confidence, gets heads turning, and throws a lot of good vibes your way. Ever had these major #LugayEffect moments?

1. When you really LOVE your #iwokeuplikethis hair

You couldn't help but take a selfie, huh? Show off those naturally gorgeous tresses, girl!

2. When you just have to undo your messy bun to get date-ready hair


No time to go home and fix your hair before that date? No problem! Letting your hair down does the trick.

3. When that tita with super high standards compliments your new 'do


She absolutely adores your hair so much that she never asked when you're going to have a boyfriend! FINALLY. All she ever wondered was how you managed your split ends, and, tbh, that was waaaay easier to answer.

4. When your friends keep asking what shampoo you use

Your hair looks great, and you didn't have to spend so much to get the look. The secret is one handy bottle that makes your hair look ~*amazing*~—from the roots to the ends. SCORE!

5. When you totally twin with your fave K-Drama actress

Bangs? Check. Shiny, low-maintenance locks with less split ends? Check. Cute poses? Triple check! Now, where's that oppa you're just dying to meet?

6. When you stun your office crush and he smiles flirtatiously at you

And you can't help but twirl your locks because of the unbearable kilig. Are you finally going to play that rom-com heroine? Should you make the first move or is he going to ask you out soon? SO EXCITING OMG! 

7. When your #lifepeg says she loves your look

You react modestly, but internally, you're squealing with delight. FINALLY! That woman you look up to paid you a compliment—not an ordinary feat considering how perfect she looks from her envy-worthy hair to her expensively painted toes.

8. When you get heads turning at the MRT

Fellow commuters couldn't help but do a double-take 'cause your hair is seriously fab.

9. When the IG hearts keep pouring in on that Boomerang shot

Admit it, you're beyond flattered.

10. When your curls don't even need taming

Kulot girls know the ~feels~ all too well: It's rare that you don't need tons of hair mousse, oil, or whatever product to get those dreamy waves. 

Wondering how to enjoy the #LugayEffect every day like these lovely girls? Try Palmolive Naturals Perfect Ends Shampoo! The secret lies in the specialized formula, which is infused with ceramides and argan oil extracts. It instantly coats the hair from root to tip to strengthen and protect your strands from breakage and split ends when used regularly with Palmolive Naturals Cream Conditioner. With continued use, hair stays beautifully long effortlessly. You'll fall head over heels for the long-lasting and irresistible scent the shampoo gives your locks, too.

Palmolive Lugay Effect Promo Winners: Maria Cosico, Kathleen Regencia, Angela Bautista, Jessa Saycon, Nikhie Villacorta, Krizelle Flores, Keisha Jao, Nicole De Guzman, Alyssa Ilano, Michelle Oftana

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