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10 Pinays On Their Love-Hate Relationship With Their Hair

"My hair is great...until it turns into a big ball of frizz."
October 10, 2017
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A lot of girls go to great lengths to achieve gorgeous hair, and nothing compares to that GGSS (gandang-ganda sa sarili) high we get when we successfully style our locks into a great 'do. On the other hand, our bad hair days can be super frustrating. It sometimes feels like no amount of combing or styling can make our flyaways and frizz behave, especially on days when we really need them to cooperate.

Whether your hair is your BFF or your worst enemy, here are 10 hair stories you'll be able to relate to:

“I love to experiment with styles and change hair colors often. Over time, my hair has gotten dry and brittle with straw-like ends, so I had to give my hair a break. It's so hard for me since I’m always itching to try a new color and 'do!” - Coleen Luna

"My hair can get bigger than I can manage sometimes. But when I finally gained the guts to stop straightening my hair and embrace my natural afro, I really found my confidence." - Adriana Griner

“I once had my hair permed to emphasize their waves, and I got a lot of compliments for it. When the ends were starting to get straight, so I had it permed again. But my hair turned fluffy and crazy curly, and became very hard to style and manage. Got no compliments there.” - Shane Francisco

"I've always had super straight hair, but there were times when I wished it had a little more fluff. But I love the person I am and I realized that my hair is a part of me. It's just a matter of embracing who you are and loving it!" - Bella Manzano

“I always get complimented on my thick, long hair, but it’s so stressful to maintain! It gets frizzy easily, so I used to iron it every day. One time, I burned my ear while ironing my hair! I panicked and dropped the iron, and got a second-degree burn. Never again!” - Venus Mendoza

"My natural waves and my signature fringe are my crowning glory! It's what makes me feel beautiful and best represents my creative nature." - Camie Juan

“I never really thought about protecting my hair during beach trips—I always thought sunscreen was all I’ll ever need. No wonder my hair became discolored: It turned an ugly yellow shade, and became very dry and unnaturally wavy. I can pull it off sometimes, but it’s not always flattering, especially with my office wear.” - Mich Garcia

"I love how I feel with my pixie cut because I get to embrace both my youthful and mature sides! I've been through so many hairstyles over the past years, so I say, just express yourself and be you!" - Thea de Rivera

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