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12 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Look

Here’s how you know it’s time for a makeover.
November 23, 2015
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1. People think you're younger than you really are.

You're either always super ticked off by Manong Guards at bars and movie theaters who keep asking you what your real age is, or weirded out by your kuya's friends who think you're still in college. Pro tip: Ditch the jet-black hair color and frame your baby face in intense golden auburn-colored locks to look more like your age.

2. You're always putting your hair up...

You've mastered the art of doing the hun, the bun, and the ponytail just because it's the only way you know how to keep your hair game on point. If you're running out of hairstyles, it's probably time to do a makeover and try out an ashy nude brown color.

3. Styling your hair takes AGES.

What’s more important than knowing all the ways to style your hair? Knowing how long you really should be fixing it. If you’re wasting time and effort doing all sorts of hair styles, maybe it’s time to give your mane a break and just let it down for a while.

4. Basically, you just dread dressing up every morning. 

You may not be a morning person, but you should feel recharged after a night’s worth of rest—not grumpy, frustrated, or frazzled. Contemplating what to wear and what to do with your messy hair for hours isn’t the best way to start your day. A good haircut and a brand new hair color might just save you from running late ALL. THE. TIME.

5. You dread TBT photos...

...Not just because you hated the outfits your mom made you wear as a kid, but also because it’s basically like looking in a mirror. If you haven’t changed your hairstyle since the 2005, it’s time to do some MAJOR changes, like dyeing your hair a deep purple!

6. Your whole closet has evolved since you were 16.

Trust us: if you’ve managed to toss out all the old flared pants and tiny tank tops that don’t fit you anymore, you can get a major hair dye done. Go brunette along with your new outfit—you earned it!

7. Your lifestyle has changed.

Unlike your carefree teenage years, you need to always be on-the-go as an adult, so low-maintenance looks work best for you. Your busy lifestyle would also mean less time and moolah to go to your salon for a hair dye fix-up, so it’s best to do your roots on your own by knowing the products that work for you by heart.

8. You feel like you need a life change.

Whether it’s a really bad break up or a major career change, having a makeover can give you the instant confidence boost you’ll need to get over and get better. Start a mini-makeover sesh on your own by choosing hair colors that you probably wouldn’t go for five years ago but you can totally pull off now—like an intense red!

9. You're not sporting an ombre, but your hair color is down halfway down your mane.

Unless you’re gunning for a Kylie Jenner look, visible roots that run all the way down the middle of your strands would be a horrible, horrible idea. If you don’t know what color your stylist used on you the last time you went for a dye job, go back to a basic copper brown (or any color close to your natural shade) and re-dye your own hair from roots to tips. PS. Don’t EVER dye your hair black if you want to have it colored it again.

10. You’ve heard the line, “You look tired” sooo many times now.

It’s not just the eyebags; it could also be because of the limp and lifeless ‘do you’re sporting. If you haven’t taken a leave in ages and you’re looking pale and tired as hell, do yourself a favor and dye your hair blonde. This will give off an instant glow that will keep you looking fresh without having to hit the beach!

11. Your self-esteem is on an all-time low.

You’re finding it hard to like Nicole, the new girl in the office, because she speaks Spanish and sports a bangin’ blowdry everyday. Curb your inner green monster and keep tabs on what you’re starting to not like about yourself. Stop comparing and complaining, and treat yourself to something nice, like a spa trip or a new dye job!

12. You’re starting to look like your mother.

Don’t get us wrong—we love our moms. But if you’re starting to look like an old version of yourself then it’s about time you change your look. Why not ask your mom to color your hair an intense shade of warm auburn? Take turns, and color each other's locks regularly. That’s a fun bonding experience no salon trip can replace!


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