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3 Easy Hairstyles For Girls Who Commute

Plus, a few hair tricks every Pinay commuter should know.
December 09, 2015
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Braving EDSA or the MRT today? Read up, Cosmo girls! These are the hairstyles and tricks every commuter needs to know:

1. Blowout Waves

Perfect for: Walking from your condo to the office or taking a taxi to work

Let’s face it: this hairstyle is not Pinay-friendly. Who in their right mind would spend about an hour curling their hair if they know they’ll be suffering through heat and pollution during a commute? That’s why we recommend this only if you live a few steps away from your office or if you’re taking a cab.

The #DoItAllHair Trick: Kim Ross, one of Cosmo’s 8 Sexiest Models in 2014, made sure she can pull off this blowout hairstyle by using Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. It gave her smooth, shiny locks and desirable volume, which are must-haves for this chic hairstyle. The conditioner also nourishes your locks to withstand the damage your hair strands can suffer through brushing, blow-drying, and other heat styling techniques.

2. The Top Knot

Perfect for: Jeep or MRT rides

Don’t you just find it annoying AF when you’re in a jeep sitting beside someone with looong hair, which keeps whipping you in the face throughout the fast ride? How about the times you’re squished among train passengers and the girl in front of you has wild, frizzy hair? You can’t move and flick her locks away even if it’s already super itchy against your skin. “Ate, ano ba?!” The answer? Put your hair up in a neat top knot!

The #DoItAllHair Trick: Aside from keeping her hair away from her face (and other people’s faces), Kim’s fuss-free 'do also allowed her to work, meet with clients, and cross streets without stray locks getting in the way. Another bonus: the top knot is trendy and pairs well with virtually any outfit! That’s if you can do it with gorgeous, healthy strands—which Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner can help with.

3. A Messy Side Bun

Perfect for: Crowded tricycle or bus rides

Another pet peeve a lot of us have is when the girl next to you is fixing or tying her hair beside you, and it seems as if she doesn’t care if you get elbowed in the face or beaten by her ponytail. When you’re stuck in a cramped space or squished by co-passengers, the easiest hairstyle you can do is a low side bun. Pull a few stray strands on the opposite side of the bun to make the look more laid-back and to frame your face nicely.

The #DoItAllHair Trick: Together with the right hairstyle, use a conditioner that’s an all-in-one solution to a commuter’s hair struggles—like Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner. Even if you suffer through heat and pollution during your commute, you won’t have to deal with stickiness or greasiness and your hair will still look and smell great at the end of the day. Now that should definitely be part of every Cosmo girl’s #hairgoals!

Watch the full video of Cosmo Dare: The Pinay Commuter Challenge here:

Cosmo Dare #3 = Done! Like Tola and Maan, Kim sure showed that any Cosmo Girl with #DoItAllHair can endure the stress of a commute without being forced to look ragged at the end of it. Now, we dare YOU: try Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner, and see if you can do it all, too!

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