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5 Beauty Lessons Every #ModernFilipina Needs To Live By

Take note and form the habit, CGs!
January 22, 2016
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1. Doing beauty your way

Not too long ago, Filipinas were faced with beauty ideals imposed by society. In the ‘90s, tisays ruled. In the early 2000s, chinitas dominated. Fortunately, in 2016, celebrity beauty is refreshingly diverse. If there’s one lesson to be gleaned from this generation’s super girls, it’s that beauty shouldn’t fit a one-size-fits-all mold. So what if your hair is curlier than it is straight? Find the courage and confidence to love your natural look!

2. Embracing risks

Your makeup for your graduation photo makes you cringe every time you see it, and that blunt bob from high school still gives you nightmares. But if you won’t be experimental now, when else? It’s time to stop hesitating whenever you feel like playing with colored mascara or reaching out for that intense plum lippie. True, making (and looking like) a mistake isn’t fun, but so is inhibiting your daring and expressive self. Why stop at being generic and embrace transformations, right?

3. Knowing who or what you need

Sometimes, you want to explore; other times, you crave the comfort of the familiar. In our 20s and 30s, we need people who will help us with our tiis-ganda rituals. Look for—and stick to—a derma who knows the ins and outs of your skin care routine, a gyno you can trust, and a hairstylist who really gets you and your hair. This age is also the perfect time to find your own arsenal of Holy Grail beauty products!

4. Not feeling guilty for me-time

Because lipstick counts as an investment. Because every girl needs a fresh chop every six weeks. Because looking your best is a great step towards feeling your best. Because indulging in little whims and fancies contributes to your overall happiness. And because nothing beats the blues more than much needed me-time.

5. Always being prepared with beyond beautiful hair

You finally scored a date with the guy you’ve been crushing on—but your hair missed the memo and aren’t exactly cooperating. That’s fine; you know exactly how to deal with it! Whether it’s an impromptu meeting with your CEO or a spontaneous night out with the crew, situations change when you least expect them to. Modern gals should always be ready to face the world.

That includes equipping yourself with a well-stocked kit for dealing with every kind of beauty emergency and including a trusty conditioner like Cream Silk in your daily hair care. It has Hair Reborn Technology, so you can transform any of these hair problems—buhaghag and frizzy, weak and falling, rough and damaged hair—into beyond beautiful hair from the first wash.


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