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5 Chic Hairstyles For Girls Who Commute

Which one are your sporting today?
February 28, 2017
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Guilty of always leaving the house with dripping tresses, only to arrive at the office looking like a frizzy mess? News flash: This habit can take a toll on your hair since wet strands are more vulnerable to damage from the sun and pollutants.

Here's what you can do: Let your hair air-dry a bit before you leave the house. While you're at it, check out our list of hair inspo to keep you looking très chic while on your daily commute. You never know whom you might run into!

1. The Tight Ponytail

If you're running on just four or five hours of sleep, this sleek 'do can make you look instantly polished, especially if you've got a big a.m. meeting. Plus, it keeps all your strands away from your face. Use a tail comb for an extra neat finish around your hairline, so you don’t have to worry about stray strands while you’re on the go.

2. The Side Braid

Look the daintiest among the rush hour crowd with a casual braid pulled to one side. Bonus hair hack: Spritz your braids with a light-hold hairspray so that when you undo them later on, the curls will hold. (Sexy waves for cocktail hour!) 

3. The Polished Topknot

No time for a blow-dry sesh? Smooth on a conditioning serum on freshly-washed locks, then let your hair air-dry a bit while you do your makeup or eat your breakfast. Right before you leave, simply pull your hair up into a high bun. ICYDK: It can make you look younger (versus a low bun), since this style lifts up your facial features. 

4. The Fuss-Free Low Ponytail

Flaunt your shiny locks (and healthy scalp!) with a sleek low ponytail. You can add volume at the crown part if you want or stick to a neat center part. If it's extra hot outside, you can twist your tail into a temporary bun while en route to the office.

5. The Wash 'n' Wear 'Do

Craving for a long-term fix? Consider chopping your locks into a short bob for an easy wash 'n' wear hairdo! (Just in time for summer, too.) The caveat is you'll need to go back to your stylist often for trims to keep your style in perfect shape.

Pulling off these hairstyles is easy when you use an anti-dandruff shampoo like CLEAR Complete Soft Care with Fresh Sakura Fragrance. Use it every day to keep your crowning glory dandruff-free and smelling fresh from start to finish.

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