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5 Simple Changes You Can Try To Make Your Hair Feel Stronger And Healthier

These simple tips will make a huge difference.
May 29, 2020
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Other than stress and the use of wrong products, there are many factors that can affect how your hair looks and feels. And while some are more difficult to counter than others, there are simple ways to keep your tresses feeling strong and healthy. It's all about starting new habits and breaking old ones, really. Read on:

1. Say no to heat. 

Avoid heat styling as much as you can. Not only can high temperatures *fry* your locks, but frequent use of curling irons or hot blowers can also make your hair brittle and prone to breakage. The same can be said for overexposure to direct sunlight and washing your hair with warm water. 

2. Don’t dry your hair with a towel.

Many of us have been squeezing our strands to get rid of excess water all our lives. But ICYDK, the friction caused by the coarse texture of your towel can cause split ends or frizz. When drying your hair, you’re better off using an old (but clean) shirt before letting it down to air-dry.

3. Avoid hairstyles that pull at your roots.

Sure, your hair’s probably going to be fine if you want to pull off the Ariana Grande look for a night, but wearing a high ponytail every day may cause damage. This is because tight ponytails and braids can put too much pressure on your roots. When this happens, your strands’ grip loosens, causing your hair to either fall or break.

4. Choose products that address your hair concern.

One of the best things about today's hair products is that they no longer just keep your hair clean. To get hair that looks strong and feels healthy, use a conditioner that helps strengthen the follicles with regular use, like Cream Silk Hairfall Defense Conditioner

5. Eat foods rich in protein. 

Complement your hair care routine with proper nutrition that will help boost your hair’s strength. Studies suggest that nutrition has a profound effect on both hair structure and growth. Help nourish your locks from within by eating foods rich in protein, such as eggs, lean meat, and beans.

Help boost your hair’s defense with Cream Silk Hairfall Defense Conditioner, which you can get via Lazada and UStore. Follow Cream Silk on Facebook.

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