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5 Ways To Care For Your Hair Even When You're Too Busy With ~Life~

You owe it to yourself to do a hair mask at least once a week.
October 22, 2019
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In your haste to tick off as many things as possible on your to-do list, you may sometimes forget to look after your own self. You end up skipping meals to meet a deadline, or rushing out the door without looking at yourself in the mirror.

Fortunately, you can do small self-care actions that won’t put a dent on your schedule. Start with your hair! Even when life gets insanely hectic, you can still do these simple and stress-free hair care tips:

1. Detangle wet hair with fingers.

When you’re in a rush, the tendency is to aggressively run a random brush through your hair because you think it’ll get the job done quicker. Wet hair is more prone to damage and breakage, which is why you need to handle it with extra care. Use your fingers—they’re just about the gentlest tool, they do a fine job of detangling, and they won’t ever get stuck in a tangled mess.

2. Air-dry as much as possible.

Given your busy schedule, it’s highly possible you’re already doing this. By air-drying, you’re not just saving time by skipping the tedious blow-dries—you’re also preventing damage caused by excessive heat styling. Just remember to apply a leave-on mousse or serum before heading out. It’ll take literally seconds to do but will tame frizz and allow your hair to dry beautifully.

3. Splurge on silk or satin pillowcases.

Here’s a quick and easy investment you’ll reap the benefits from for years to come! Silk and satin pillowcases have been proven to be better for your hair, because their smooth, slippery surface eliminates the kind of friction that rougher cotton fabrics typically cause. Without this unnecessary friction, your hair is kept free from damage, frizz, and flyaways.

4. Ease up on the ponytails.

Many women turn to ponytails when it's hot, when they just can't be bothered, or both. Tying your hair too tightly puts extra strain on your strands, potentially leading to damage and breakage. Leaving your hair down is always the better option, but if you must put it up, opt for a looser, more relaxed ponytail and switch to soft ties that are kinder to your hair.

5. Treat your tresses with a hair mask.

At the end of a busy workweek, pamper yourself with a deeply nourishing and repairing hair mask. Light up your favorite candle, put on some soothing music, and apply Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultra Treatment Crème. This rich and potent product helps rejuvenate frizzy, damaged hair. Leave it on for three minutes, and then thoroughly rinse it off to see the results. Try it and discover for yourself why it landed the title of Best Hair Mask of 2019 at the Cosmo Beauty Awards!

Learn more by visiting Cream Silk’s website, as well as their Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter accounts.

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