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6 Hair Struggles Real Women Can Relate To

Am I going bald??!
November 09, 2015
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1. You're in denial about your hair problems...

...But really, you're blaming yourself. You carelessly whip your hair up in a bun, braid it without mercy, and let your strands suffer through dye jobs and other hair products. You also lapse on eating nutritious food and you have been stressing yourself out too much lately. All these factors have been causing problems like hair fall. NOOOOO! THIS ISN'T HAPPENIIING!

2. You get depressed and paranoid.

Some people might find it silly or even shallow that you’re so conscious about your hair fall. They just don’t know how it really feels like! You don’t mind it on some days, but you can’t help feeling paranoid on others. Am I going bald??!

3. It's incredibly frustrating to see hair fall.

It sucks that you do everything you can to keep your hair healthy and strong. Yet you keep finding countless strands clogging your drain or getting tangled in your brush. Like a person you love who seems so insensitive and doesn’t notice all your efforts, your beloved mane seems oblivious to the steps you’re taking to get rid of your hair fall problem.

4. It can be so embarrassing. 

The worst part about hair fall is when you’re missing out on opportunities and the best parts of life. This happens usually when the hair fall problem is so bad, you think you’re shedding everywhere all the time, and it has become one of your biggest insecurities. You could have aced that job interview, enjoyed dancing the night away with your besties, or had a blast during that date if you weren’t so dyahe.

5. And sometimes, you feel like giving up.

You’ve tried every home remedy and “miracle cure” sold online that promised results in a few weeks or days—only to disappoint you in the end. Those solutions just don't follow through on their promises, and those failed attempts to get rid of your problem can make you feel hopeless.

6. You feel #blessed when you finally find a solution.

Dove understands the frustrations and stress of counting those strands that just fall all over the place! The main source of the problem? 78% of hair fall actually comes from uprooted hair, not breakage.

Dove Hair Fall Rescue+ contains Trichazole Actives that combats hair fall from the root. It nourishes the root, locks hair in place, and strengthens hair from roots to tips to give you stronger, fuller, and more beautiful hair. #StopCountingHaifall in just 3 easy steps!

Step 1: Cleanse hair with Dove Hair Fall Rescue+ Shampoo

Step 2: Moisturize your hair with Dove Hair Fall Rescue+ Conditioner

Step 3: Use the Dove Hair Fall Rescue+ tonic to lock hair into place. Break open the flat nozzle cap. Make a series of partings, and massage the product directly and evenly to the scalp. Do not wash until your next shower.

Check out Dove’s Facebook page to find out more about Dove Hair Fall Rescue+ and share your #RealCare experience.

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