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8 Easy Ways To Avoid Frizzy Hair During Your Commute

Is your frizzy hair killing your look?
March 16, 2017
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The struggle to come out of your daily commute with perfect-looking hair is very, very real. Here are eight important tips you should know about to score frizz-free locks every day:

1. Don't shampoo every single day.

The main cause of frizz is simple: lack of moisture. Shampooing too often can strip your scalp and hair of their natural oils, so you're at greater risk of getting dry and frizzy locks.

2. Brush your hair regularly.

Regularly brushing your locks will help distribute your hair's natural oils. The best way to do it is by putting your head down and brush through your locks starting above your nape. The result? Naturally bouncy, healthy, and frizz-free hair.

3. Don't use a regular towel to dry your hair.

Skip the rough towels you use to dry your hair! The coarse bristles on them cause unnecessary stress to your locks, which can lead to breakage and frizz. Instead, use a microfiber towel to gently squeeze out the water. If you don't want to spend, you can always use an old cotton t-shirt.

4. Stop touching your hair.

It might seem so harmless to run your fingers through your tangled hair while you stand in the train or as you wait for your stop in the jeepney. However, this ~*harmless habit*~ can actually make your hair even frizzier. Leave your locks alone! 

5. Have go-to, fuss-free hairstyles.

Tame your locks by putting it up in cute hairstyles that will make commuting a breeze. To keep frizz at bay, you can try doing messy buns, pretty braids, or low-maintenance ponytails.

6. Get as much protection as possible.

Remember, the number one culprits for frizz are heat and humidity. Avoid looking like a hot mess by using hats, caps, and umbrellas as needed.

7. If you use hot tools, prep properly.

If you're one to pick up your hair dryer or hair iron regularly, make sure you prep your locks by spritzing on some heat-protecting spray to lessen the damage caused by high temperatures and to avoid getting frizz.

8. Never skip conditioner.

Using shampoo to avoid frizz is not enough. You need a hardworking conditioner with enhanced hair reborn technology that ensures softer and smoother hair after just one wash, like Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner—even our girl crush Yassi Pressman swears by it!

Once or twice a week, ditch the shampoo and use this product to deep-condition your hair to lock in more moisture to your locks—your hair will love it!

Cream Silk is available in stores nationwide and on Lazada. Follow Cream Silk on Facebook for more hair tips!

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