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9 Hacks To Keep Your Hair Color Vibrant

Because dye jobs are expensive and we want them to last!
February 05, 2016
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So you’re fresh out of the salon (or the bathroom!) and sporting a new shade on your locks: good for you, girlfriend! No doubt your hair looks awesome and super bagay—all dye jobs do, after all!

Surely, you’re ready and raring to show off your ‘do, but remember that there are loads of color killers out there (hello, the sun is totes one of them!) We caught up with DJ Patty Tiu, a hair dye-holic herself, to learn more about preserving your dye job. Check out the video below and learn these simple hacks for keeping your hair color vibrant.

When getting your hair colored, it’s important for you to pay special attention to the care you give it. At the same time, you want your hair care regimen to also preserve the vibrancy of your dye job. To protect your locks while keeping your hair color both striking and brilliant, get a hold of Palmolive Naturals Vibrant Color Shampoo and Conditioner.

But to really know what color is perfect for you, visit and try the free, on-site hair color simulator. Simply upload your photo, choose a color, and trace the outline of your hair to see what colors you can really rock. Save your photo in the website’s gallery and you stand to win awesome prizes from Palmolive, including a free hair-coloring job, and a magazine feature alongside Janine Gutierrez! Pretty cool, right? This is your chance to get spotted, so as always: Stay vibrant, ladies!

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