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Are You Using Shampoo The Right Way?

Better read first before you hop into the shower!
December 18, 2015
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Haven’t placed a check mark on all your #hairgoals even if you’ve done all your daily hair care must-do’s? Newsflash: The way you apply your shampoo might be the reason behind your hair hassles. Check out what you might be doing wrong.

1. You rinse off with too-hot water.

Sure, warm water relaxes you and it helps open your hair cuticles, too, which allows them to absorb all the nutrients from your shampoo and conditioner. But did you know that cold water closes the cuticles and locks in moisture from the shampoo? Meaning: Showering with cold water after applying shampoo helps your tresses make the most of your go-to product. So turn down the water’s heat for hotter and healthier hair!

2. You scrub your scalp too much.

Healthy hair = hair scalp. So make sure to be extra gentle on the roots when massaging your scalp with shampoo. And never use your nails to do this as they can be harsh on the scalp; tip of your fingers are okay.

3. You might be applying too much shampoo on your thick hair.

Load on shampoo for your thick locks? That’s not always the case, babe. The safest way to wash your hair is to dilute the right amount of shampoo with water, so it can easily and equally wash all areas of your scalp.

4. You are using the wrong type of shampoo.

Is your shampoo stealing all the volume and moisture from your hair? Maybe it’s time to switch to another product, because you might be using the wrong one right now. Find the perfect match for your hair—the one that will nourish it with shine and moisture and the one that will not damage your strands from root to tip. Most importantly, the right shampoo will give you the freedom and confidence to rock any ‘do because it understands exactly what your hair needs—whether your hair's long or short, straight or curly, down or up in a bun!

Want to find the perfect match to achieve cleaner hair and prettier hairstyles? We only know one shampoo for you: Head & Shoulders Smooth and Silky Shampoo! It cleanses the scalp and moisturizes your strands, so you can do fun and fearless ‘dos with your hair. Want proof? Check out how these Cosmo girls and Cosmo hunk take on the 5-minute Ballerina Bun Challenge with their smooth and silky hair, thanks to Head & Shoulders!

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