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Here's Everything You Need To Cop Catriona Gray's Loose Waves

All the secrets of the universe revealed!
August 19, 2019
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When Catriona Gray took the Miss Universe crown last year, all eyes were on her effortlessly gorgeous loose waves. Her hair was the perfect balance between glamorous and girl-next-door, full of shine and volume while also looking natural and achievable.

With the right styling tools and products, you too can flaunt Catriona’s signature waves even without an entire team to work on your ‘do. Here’s what you need:

1. Lightweight conditioner

Prep your hair before the actual styling process. Use a conditioner that nourishes and hydrates scalp and strands. Go for a lighter formula to ensure that your hair stays bouncy—heavier creams will only weigh everything down.

2. Volumizing mousse

Hair mousse is essential to scoring lush waves. Apply it to damp hair to give strands a textured finish and added volume. The right product can define curls, make them bouncier, and keep frizz at bay.

3. Heat protectant spray

Dry, unruly hair is the last thing you’d want, so regularly spray on a heat protectant as you curl your hair. Go for a formula that offers protection during heat styling and imparts shine.

4. Curling iron

Choosing an iron with the right barrel size is crucial in creating glamorous Miss Universe waves. A too-small barrel results in tight old-fashioned curls, while a wider one makes big waves that have less hold. Your best bet is a 1 ¼-inch barrel for flattering waves that will stay put.

5. Nourishing hair oil

Introduce shine and moisture back to styled tresses. Hair oil is great for taming flyaways and frizz, and making hair look healthy and luxurious. It’s also pretty lightweight, so you won’t run the risk of your hair drooping and losing its curls.

6. Finishing hair spray

For waves that bounce and move as you walk, go for a medium-hold hairspray. It boosts the staying power of your curls, and doesn’t have that crunchy, stiff feeling that stronger hairsprays tend to leave behind. You want tresses that look and feel soft, after all!

See how soft, natural, and effortless Catriona's hair looks at her shoot with Cream Silk, below:

As seen on Cat herself, hairstyles look even better when your hair is healthy and well maintained. To achieve that bouncy, beautiful hair, use Cream Silk Hydra Fresh Light Conditioner. Made with a refreshing water-based formula, this new conditioner offers intense hydration, is easy to rinse, and has that non-greasy feel.

Cream Silk’s Hydra Fresh conditioner infused with Hydra Collagen won’t flatten or weigh down hair, so you can confidently wear lush flowing waves that’s unbelievably light. #IntensebutLight

Pick yours up online, or at any leading supermarket or drugstore.

For more information, visit Cream Silk’s website and Facebook page.

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