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6 Cute Hairstyles To Make The Most Of Your Straight Hair

They're easy to pull off! Find out how.
January 22, 2019
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Been sporting the same long 'do for the past year? If you're going through a hairstyle rut and want some ideas to help switch your look up, keep reading. We run down six easy styles to help you get over your hair fatigue.

1. Blunt Lob

Hop over to your nearest salon and ask for a chop. The length is a statement enough on its own, and the blunt ends make for a more fashion-forward look. Style your hair parted down the middle on lazy days, or create a deep side part and tuck your tresses behind your ear-the style has a myriad of options despite its short length.

2. Pinned Sides

If you don't want to take length off your current style, easily decorate your 'do with barrettes and hairpins. Part your hair in the middle and clip either side away from your face, or part your hair to one side and adorn it with pins. Either way, the result is a unique style that can work for both dressy and casual occasions.

3. Bangs

If you want yet another change without sacrificing length, switch things up with some fringe. It's a way to make a big change and a statement this year without being too drastic. Since your hair is already straight, you won't need to iron your bangs. Just brush them down your forehead while your hair is drying so they stay in place.

4. Bubble Ponytail

If your hair is long, tie it into a sleek high ponytail. Use hair elastics to divide the ponytail into equal sections. Tug each section between the elastics to create a "bubble." Whether you do it with multicolored or metallic hair ties, this elevated ponytail is a fun way to shake up your style without going too far out of your comfort zone.

5. Super Straight Hair

You might be tired of your straight hair because it looks dull, lifeless, stringy, or frizzy. If that's the case, you'll need to work on its texture to help polish and boost your look. One way to do that is to blow-dry your hair straight (make sure you don't curl the ends in) and finish off with a shine-boosting serum for luscious hair that looks oh-so-sharp, too.

6. Slick Back

This hairstyle will especially come in handy on days you're running late and fresh out of the shower. Just grab a texturizing paste and smooth a dollop of it over wet hair. Comb your hair into a deep side part and do a low ponytail to look neat and sophisticated.

If you're trying any of these looks, make sure your hair is healthy and silky before you start so you can easily style it and pull them off. You'll need to wash your hair with a shampoo and conditioner set that cares for your tresses like Dove Straight and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner. The shampoo smooths and nourishes hair to help repair damage and lessen frizz, while the conditioner seeks to tame frizz and leave your locks with a healthy shine.

Dove Straight and Silky Shampoo and Conditioner is available on Lazada. For more information, follow Dove on Facebook.

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