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Try These Easy Hair Care Tips If You Can't Go To The Salon Right Now

Get rid of split ends and take care of your roots at home.
April 06, 2020
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Getting a haircut is part of every woman’s hair care regimen. A regular haircut helps you maintain your look, prevent split ends, and keep your hair healthy. But there are times when you’ll miss your salon appointment, and when that happens, your hair starts to grow to an awkward length. And if you have colored hair, you’ll notice your roots showing, too. These hair transitions may not look pretty, but they can be remedied right in your own home so you can still maintain a neat, smart, and well-groomed appearance.

If You’re Growing Out Your Hair:

1. Try a new hairstyle.

If your short hair is growing out and is in serious need of a trim, simply put it in a half updo or braid. A half updo or a headband braid for short hair can help keep strands off your face and help divert attention from the awkward shape that your hair may be currently in.

2. Embrace the tousled look.

A tousled, textured hairstyle can disguise an awkward hair length. You can do this by scrunching your hair and sealing the look using a dry shampoo or hairspray. If you have a flat iron at home, you can also create C-shapes on your short hair to nail a messy-chic look. Just curl your hair inwards one section at a time and finish with a few spritzes of hairspray.

3. Go for a wet look or a slicked-back hairstyle.

Not a fan of tousled, messy looks? Make your hair super neat and polished by brushing it back and spritzing a generous amount of hairspray to keep your strands in place. When spraying, hold the bottle around 10cm away from your head so the mist is distributed evenly on your hair. You can do the slicked-back hairstyle on any hair length.

Tip: Make your slicked-back ‘do last long with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Smooth Hold Hairspray. It helps give your smooth and sleek hairstyles a lightweight and invisible hold throughout your day.

4. Use hair rollers.

Flyaways are a common hair problem when you miss your regular haircut. The solution? Hair rollers! To deal with your tikwas, take a small section of hair and wrap them inwards around a hair roller. Repeat this process until you’ve rolled all sections of your hair. Then, blow-dry your hair to set the shape. As you gently remove each hair roller, you’ll notice that the tips of your hair are now pointing inwards a.k.a no more flyaways! This is useful especially if you have layered hair.

Tip: Keep your hair healthy and strong by using Sunsilk Strong & Long Shampoo. It helps nourish and strengthen your hair as it grows.

5. Trim your split ends.

You’ll normally see split ends when you haven’t had a trim or a haircut for months. When left unchecked, your hair may split all the way to the hair shaft and cause more damage. But the good news is you can easily get rid of split ends at home. Just take one-inch section of your hair and twist it tightly. You’ll then see small strands of hair popping out of the twist—these are your split ends. Get a pair of sharp scissors and cut these small strands so you can say goodbye to split ends.

When trimming, remember to cut one strand at a time to avoid overcutting and uneven tips.

Tip: Deal with damaged hair using Dove Intense Repair Shampoo and Dove Intense Repair Conditioner. These products help repair visible signs of damage and help your hair become smoother and more resistant to breakage.

6. Accessorize.

Use bobby pins and hair clips to keep your growing hair off your face. You can even mix and match different hair clips for a bit of fun. If you want a simple but sophisticated look, try the side sweep hairstyle by parting your hair deeply on one side and putting an elegant metallic bobby pin on the other.

If You Want To Hide Your Roots:

1. Add texture to your hair.

The best way to disguise regrowth is to choose hairstyles with lots of texture at the roots. Add volume to your roots easily by creating soft waves or simply teasing your roots.

Tip: Maintain your gorgeous blonde hair color by washing it with TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Shampoo and TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Blonde Brilliance Conditioner. This duo has purple formula that helps neutralize brassy tones, and jojoba oil that helps keep your bleached hair from getting dry and dull.

2. Flip your hair part.

When you part your hair on the same side every day, hair tends to look flatter. Use a tail comb to flip your part to the opposite side or switch a center part to the side instead. It will make your roots less obvious and give your hair more volume, too.

Tip: Give your colored hair the three benefits of keratin by using Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive Ultra Conditioner. This conditioner helps tame frizz, revive damaged hair, and restore shine to dull hair. It also helps replenish lost nutrients to colored and chemically treated hair.

3. Braid your hair.

Braids show off the different tones in your hair. So if your roots are showing, a braided hairstyle can help disguise them. You can try a simple but classic French braid or a messy side braid for a more relaxed vibe.

4. Wear a headband.

What better way to hide your roots than by wearing a wide and colorful headband! Or you can opt to wear a stylish bandana that you can wrap around your head to hide regrowth and split ends. Both are perfect summer looks that can disguise your hair woes.

Tip: Keep your hair color vibrant by using TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Shampoo and TRESemmé Pro-Color Series Color Radiance Conditioner. With Color Radiance Booster, these products help lock color in your strands and prevent fading so your hair color can last longer.

Hair transitions can be bothersome but with these easy tips, you can still make your current haircut or hair color look stylish, smart and well-groomed. Aside from maintaining your look, don’t forget to keep your hair healthy by using products that keep your hair soft, smooth, and nourished while you’re staying at home.

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