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Genius Hair Care Products Below P100

Say goodbye to this hot mess. Get totally healthy and fabulous hair for a fraction of the cost!
June 30, 2015
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Coconut Oil

Because of the protein it provides, applying coconut oil to your locks will help you avoid hair loss and dryness, while also toning it in the process. It's the secret elixir for a healthy head of hai and you don't have to go on a limb to find it!

Paganini Comb

You know that awkward moment when you run your fingers through your hair and they get stuck in those pesky tangles? With the help of a spinning toothcomb you’ll never experience that again! Since the rotating pins are efficient at maintaining your mane, you can achieve sleek hair without damaging your tresses. Aside from detangling your hair, it also gently massage your scalp with its rounded bristle tips.

Self-Grip Rollers

Nothing truly beats the classics, even when it comes to hair styling. Achieve those sexy curls the old-school way with self-grip rollers. The reason your mom and her mom and her mom before that used these tiny wonders is that they can help you achieve full-bodied volume even if you don’t own a blow-dryer.

H&S Smooth & Silky Shampoo & Conditioner

A woman's hair is actually her most important accessory. But Having nice hair just, ehem, doesn’t cut it. It has to be healthy too! With Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky, you get the best of both worlds because, not only do you get dandruff-free hair, but your frizzy and unruly hair gets tamed as well! Since it also uses gentle ingredients, it's mild enough for everyday use and compatible with even the most sensitive scalps. Click here to shop Head & Shoulders on Zalora!

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