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4 Gorgeous Hair Colors To Make Your Summer Profile Pic Stand Out

And to make your OOTDs—and feed—really pop!
April 15, 2019
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With the bright sun sending down ultra-flattering natural light to your selfies, it’s no wonder that summer’s the best time to experiment with a new look—and update your profile pic. What better way to celebrate the season than with a bold hair color?

While color-treating your hair is exciting, it’s also important to keep in mind that you’re exposing your hair to chemicals that can dry your hair out and make it brittle. To help bring back moisture and revive your tresses, try the NEW Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive conditioner. It’s a sulfate-free conditioner with triple keratin complex to help replenish your hair nutrients after color-treating your hair and bring it back to life using keratin relaxers, keratin serum, and keratin essence.

Still unsure about what hair color you should go for? Read on to find out this summer’s hottest colors:

1. Red

Anyone can wear red, just as long as it’s the right shade matched with the right undertone. Fairer skin will benefit from cooler reds, while morenas can experiment with warm reds to help bring out their golden undertones. If you’re going the daring route, experiment with a sharp, blunt cut that showcases your color.

2. Ombre or balayage

If you’re not committed to a full head of color, then an ombre or balayage dye job is right up your alley. Instead of changing your hair to one solid color, these techniques use a mix of blended colors to create natural highlights.

BTW, yes, there’s a difference between ombre and balayage. Ombre means gradient, which means the darkest color starts at the roots to and smoothly transitions to the lightest color at the ends (perfect if you’re growing out your previously colored hair!), while balayage is a highlighting technique that mimics sun-kissed hair, resulting in a natural-looking hair color.

If you’re going for this look, try a textured short bob (one that reaches just above the shoulders) or long layers to bring out your color. Morenas can ask for chestnut or caramel shades, fair-skinned gals can try ash blonde or light brown, and yellow undertones can try copper.

3. Dark brown

Olive-skinned ladies can benefit from dark brown hair to help bring out the bronzy tones in their skin. But if you’re pale-skinned, and you want to use your hair color to contrast with your skin tone, opt for a dark brown shade instead of jet-black hair to create a softer look. Ask your hairstylist for a layered chop to bring out the dimension of your hair color.

4. Blonde

Do blondes really have more fun? If you’re fair-skinned, try a dark blonde or a daring platinum tone, but for morenas, try asking your hairstylist for a more caramel-hued blonde. To add volume to your look, try a shag cut that just brushes on your collarbones, then loosely curl your hair for the perfect beach waves.

Achieve #UltimatelyVibrantHair with the NEW Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Ultimate Color Revive available in Lazada. Find out more about how to care for your hair by visiting Cream Silk’s website and following them on Facebook.

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