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10 Gorgeous Dark Ash Blonde Hair Colors That Will *Transform* Your Look

We asked a hairstylist for expert advice and some flattering dye job recos!
by Maura R. Rodriguez
January 28, 2022
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Like they say, “Blondes have more fun!” But is there really any truth to that? If you have yet to test out the validity of this iconic statement, we suggest you dive hair first and experiment!

Dyeing your hair blonde can be scary for a number of reasons—but the mandatory bleaching process tops that list of worries since it’s not entirely painless. However, hairstylists would argue that your time in the salon and some scalp tingles are worth it once you see the results. 

If you’re not ready to go platinum but aren’t a fan of a brassy yellow ‘do, we have a pretty cool alternative: dark ash blonde.

How Would You Describe Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color?

According to celebrity hairstylist and MARQED salon owner Mark Anthony Rosales, “Dark ash blonde is known as 6.1 at a color chart. My favorite color for my clients! It looks so elegant and fashionable at the same time. Dark ash blonde hair is a deep shade of blonde with a touch of gray for cool and smoky undertones.” 

How Can I Get Ash Blonde Hair?

Pre-lightening is obviously required to get this hair color. The real question is, “How many times should you bleach your hair to get to this level of blonde?” But that’s also a relative question. There’s no one answer to it since everyone’s hair reacts differently to bleach. “It depends on the intensity of the pigment of the hair. The darker your natural hair color, the longer it takes to lighten,” Mark tells “But of course, you have to leave this procedure to the hair expert because bleaching is one of the most challenging procedures in coloring.”

True enough the wrong mix of bleach might lead to further hair damage even before toning your hair. That’s why a professional colorist or hairstylist should work on your tresses for the best result. Don’t DIY it if you’re afraid of making mistakes or ruining your hair health!

Why Is Dark Ash Blonde So Hard to Achieve?

“It’s a bit challenging for Asian hair because we are naturally brunette. We have to achieve a certain level of bleach before we apply dark ash blonde color,” says Mark. If you don’t lighten your hair right, the ash color would definitely look muddy or simply a light shade of brown. But if you want the color to pop, then be ready for multiple bleaching sessions in one sitting!

Is Dark Ash Blonde Hair Hard to Maintain?  

The short answer is yes. You should be ready with a number of products in your shower and vanity to keep this color fresh and your hair looking healthy and not dry. “Start from the basics and use purple shampoo and conditioner. Wash your hair EVERY OTHER DAY and use dry shampoo for those days when you won’t wash [your tresses] to avoid too much oil. Protect the color from fading by washing it with cold water, too. And don’t forget to use deep nourishing hair treatment for extra shine,” Mark shares.  

Now that we’ve prepped you with everything you need to know about getting this fashion-forward blonde hue, here are some ideas you should consider for your next trip to the salon. Trust us, you’d want to save all these pegs if you’ve been planning to change up your look!

10 Cool and Classy Dark Ash Blonde Hair Color Ideas 

  1. Silver Ash Blonde

    Let’s start off strong with a statement ash blonde color! Silver is definitely a fashion-forward choice if you plan to give yourself a drastic makeover. This is perfect for medium to deep skin tones if you want to highlight your complexion even more! (Photo source)

  2. Rose Gold Dark Ash Blonde 

    Mix a bit of pink to your ‘do and you get this rosy ash blonde shade that’s dreamy and divine. (Photo source)

  3. Milk Tea Dark Ash Blonde

    Milk tea brown is undeniably flattering for Filipinas. Turn it up a notch with a cool ash tone and a dark blonde base! If you want to soften your features, this is the perfect color to get. (Photo source)

  4. Chestnut Dark Ash Blonde

    This may look like any ordinary brown but for this color to really pop you do need to pre-lighten. This deep dark ash blonde is the most natural on the color spectrum for this hue! (Photo source)

  5. Olive Dark Ash Blonde 

    Want an interesting undertone to neutralize your naturally warm roots? Why not a tinge of green? A wash of olive green is popular among Japanese hair colorists because of the interesting color result. To add dimension, add some subtle highlights in lighter blonde! (Photo source)

  6. Cool Yellow Dark Ash Blonde

    Let those naturally yellow tones from the bleach peak through with this color study. A weak wash of ash looks great if you’ve got a fair to light complexion. (Photo source)

  7. Dark Ash Blonde Highlights

    Dark ash blonde looks great as highlights, too! This is a great way to add texture to your tresses without the blonde streaks looking too striking or bold. (Photo source)

  8. Beige Dark Ash Blonde 

    This milky color is the warm counterpart of a silver ash blonde hue. Consider this if you’re looking for a more feminine and soft color story to complement a simple haircut. (Photo source)

  9. Dark Ash Blonde Balayage 

    When you’re sporting a blunt haircut with no layers at all, a balayage is advisable to add some depth to your ‘do! This also works for girls with limp and thin hair since it automatically gives an illusion of fullness and texture. (Photo source)

  10. Chunky Dark Ash Blonde Highlights 

    Looking for a sexy dark ash blonde color? Go for chunky ‘90s highlights that give your look more of a grungy update. (Photo source)



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