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5 Hair Trends That Make Influencers Look ~Glorious~ In Photos

You'll love them on you, too!
October 05, 2018
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So you want to try something new for your hair. Unfortunately, having your tresses colored, curled, or straightened will damage them and make them look lackluster over time—that is, if you don’t keep them strong and protected on a daily basis. Influencers know this very well, so it’s no surprise we spotted them checking out the Dove 1 Minute Serum Conditioner (a new restorative conditioner made with argan oil, coconut oil, and vitamin E) at Dove Hair Lab on October 4. We took note of the hair trends they pulled off super well, so you can look just as ~glorious~ as them:

1. Wavy Lob

The chilly months might be upon us, but Jeline Catt maintains a sunny disposition with loose beach waves that add personality and attitude to her frilly—and flirty!—square-neck top.

2. Blonde Ombre

Can’t decide on a hair color? Who says you can only have one? The ombre look remains alive and well. Not only does it make root maintenance a breeze, but it can also make an edgy statement when you play with contrasts. Lesha Liton’s silvery pink curls against her dark roots, plus her heavily lined eyes under her shimmery shadow, give off a cool dark angel vibe.

3. Subtle Curls

When you have medium-length hair, big curls can widen your face. Copy Sarah Carlos’ look by having small loose curls frame your face and highlight your angles. A shiny, neat ‘do like Sarah’s perfectly complements the enviable dewy or glass skin.

4. Full Bangs

Fringe can soften your face and make you look younger and more stylish. Janina Camille keeps us locked in on her dreamy, low-maintenance hair through her full bangs and well-defined eyes.

5. Micro Bangs

It seems tough to pull off micro bangs, but if you're itching to try it, go for it. Shaun Danielle Sager works the trend with her impeccably straight, jaw-grazing hair. Complete this statement style with strong brows, and a plain white top or dress won't need further accessorizing.

Trying any of these trends is bound to make you look and feel good, but don’t settle for just “good.” You can make the same hairstyle look so much more amazing on you by restoring the health and shine of your tresses, as the influencers have. Simply apply Dove 1 Minute Serum Conditioner to your hair post-shampoo, let your hair absorb the nourishing power of its serum capsules for just a minute, then rinse. All it takes is one minute to undo your hair's damage, leaving you with nourished, smooth, and shiny tresses.

Preorder the Dove 1 Minute Serum Conditioner on Lazada and get a free clear bag with your purchase. For more information on Dove's newest conditioner, follow Dove on Facebook.

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