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5 Hairstyles That Make Your OOTDs Look So Much Better

How you style your hair can really bring out the vibe you’re going for.
September 11, 2018
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There’s no need to look far and wide for the best accessory; it’s already sitting on top of your head! With proper care and a little bit of styling, your hair can elevate any look you’re going for. Allow us to explain better through our celeb hair pegs below.

1. Straight and Sweet

This is a great example of how a small change in your hairstyle can create a huge impact. Instead of sporting the usual voluminous waves, Pia Wurtzbach opted for a more youthful shiny and straight 'do, taking the overall traveler look from sultry and glam to fresh and chill in an instant. 

2. Standing Taut

Want to look fasyon? Easy-peasy. Do a sleek ponytail! No to soft tousles and cutesy curls. Pia demonstrates that if you mean business, it’s all about straight, fashion-forward high ponies for strutting down the streets of New York. Such a powerful look from head to toe.

3. Sophisticated 24/7

If there’s a hairstyle staple all celebrities can agree on, it would have to be soft tousled waves. It’s one of the most versatile styles, since it looks good with casual and formal outfits, regardless of your hair length! Just see how gorgeous Heart Evangelista looks. Make sure your locks are shiny to really highlight your enviable waves.

4. Regal yet Down-to-Earth

A textured white frock is best paired with something equally pretty, such as a romantic half pony. The loose finish looks relaxed, so it balances out the primness and formality of your dress.

5. Keepin' It Chill

A cozy travel outfit consisting of a pullover in 2018’s hottest hue and a pair of joggers is best worn with your hair down. A messy bun or a ponytail would’ve made the look too sporty. By keeping her hair down and styling it with some low-key waves, Pia looks so cool.

You don’t need to be a celeb with a hairstylist in tow to recreate these easy-to-cop hairstyles. The only thing you need is shiny, strong, and straight hair, because with a good base, anything is possible. Go for a keratin treatment with Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue Conditioner to tame those rebellious locks. It has the benefits of triple keratin to help tame frizz, revive hair health, and restore shine, making it the keratin treatment you need. Available in two variants—Ultimate Straight for frizzy hair and Ultimate Repair and Shine for dull and damaged hair—this hair treatment makes sure your #UltimatelyBeautifulHair becomes one of your best assets.

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