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Here Are Some Things People Say To Girls With Colored Hair

“Ganda ka, girl?”
February 07, 2020
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As the saying goes, “Girls change their hair as often as they change their clothes.” There are always more ways to make our hair look unique and exciting. We express ourselves by bleaching our hair, getting a balayage, or going for highlights. Our hairstyles represent our personalities and they also transform our looks in an instant.

While bold dye jobs come with mean and uncalled-for comments about our hair, these Filipinas prove that no one can stop them from experimenting with their looks! 

Mika Canto, 24, Pangasinan

"In 2018, I decided to bleach my tips. I really loved how it turned out because it made me look more adventurous. However, when my relatives saw me, they disapproved! I even heard one aunt say, 'Atektek 'yang buhok mo.' (Your hair looks toasted.)

"I laughed it off. I really didn’t mind my relatives commenting on my hair change because I knew that they would always have something to say. That moment, I whispered to myself, 'Magangana ak la!' (I’m beautiful!) And it empowered me to just go for what I want."

Paige Ranola, 26, Quezon City

"Over the years, I went through different tones of blonde, and every color change made me feel like a brand-new person. One time, I heard someone say, 'Mukha namang damaged, eh!' (It looks damaged!)

"But I simply shrugged it off. Instead of sulking over that comment, that moment taught me to love my hair even more. Now, I treat myself to a monthly salon sesh because self-care is self-love!"

Nicole Calisura, 21, Isabela 

"The first time I colored my hair was back in college. Tired of my jet-black locks, I finally found the courage to go blonde. It was a fun transition, except when someone told me blonde doesn't suit my personality and that I should change it back.

"I told myself,  'Ame kaya tu paltan ii kulay na vu ku.' (I don’t want to change it.) It makes me happy and it defines who I am."

Despite comments like these, we should remember that we’re free to do whatever we want with our hair and our bodies. Dove’s #MyHairMySay campaign empowers Filipinas all over the country to embrace their uniqueness and express themselves freely no matter what others say.

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