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Early-Morning Commute With Wet Hair? Never Again With This Hot Air Brush!

You won't need to tie your damp hair in a ponytail anymore.
November 29, 2019
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Because of the unpredictable traffic, you try to leave for work as early as you can. But this can also mean not having enough time to prep your hair. Going out with wet hair isn’t really advisable as it becomes more vulnerable to damage from sun exposure and pollution. It’s best to invest in a tool like JML Hot Air Brush to make drying and styling easy for you. Keep reading to see why this brush is good for your morning prep: 

1. It lets you multitask.

Are you the type who rushes to do a million things in the morning, even if you have to be out the door within 10 minutes? Instead of keeping your hands busy with a blow dryer and comb, use the Hot Air Brush with one hand and do your errands with the other. It also helps minimize hair drying time as it blows air and detangles knots while you brush. The anti-scald design prevents burns so you can safely use the brush even with just one hand, allowing you to use your other hand to check your phone for incoming work emails, send a “Good morning!” text to your S.O. or even finish that warm cup of coffee before you head out.

2. You can use it as an alternative to a hairdryer.

Hair becomes frizzy when it isn’t dried properly. With this product, you get the benefits of a hairdryer in a handy brush form. The two-in-one feature makes the product more convenient to use if you have less time to prepare and are running late again. The hot air from the tool helps smooth your hair—and it can even be used as a straightening tool. And as an added safety feature, the brush will automatically power off if something blocks the vent, preventing your brush from damaging your hair.

3. You can easily style your hair after!

Since you can cut your drying time, you’ll have more minutes to spare for some serious hair styling. This works in your favor especially if you’re going to a highly important client meeting or your dream job interview. Fix your hair into a fierce ponytail, a chic bun, or even a half-do!

If these all sound good to you, get yourself a JML Hot Air Brush, and while you're at it, check out the brand's holiday bundles! They include a Hair Straightener + Travel Hair Dryer Bundle, Three Travel Hair Dryers Bundle, and a Sonic Face Cleanser + Travel Hair Dryer Bundle, all for P1,999.75. This promo is only until December 31, 2019 at Watsons and SM Stores nationwide, so get yours ASAP!

For more details on the JML Hot Air Brush, visit their Facebook page.

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